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Informative posts about the art and picture framing world, as well as important events/changes happening at EasyFrame. Some articles are written by people who are not connected with Easyframe. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in these articles belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to Easyframe. Easyframe accept no responsibility whatsoever for the information contained in these articles or how the information may be used.

Framing Black & White Photos

A black and white photo can take on so many different looks, depending on how it is framed. The framing of the photo will determine what impression it gives off to viewers and in this article, we explain and explore several different ways that you can frame black and white images that make a great impression.

Summer Staycation Memories

Many of our customers have contacted EasyFrame over the last few months looking for custom made picture frames as they want to find a way to preserve their precious staycation highlights and memories. And we have been more than happy to oblige!

Bringing your Facebook and Instagram photos to life

It's estimated that over 3 billion people are using both Facebook and Instagram combined - around the world and over 360 million images are uploaded onto the platforms each and every day. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade, the chances are, you have either Facebook, Instagram or possibly both.

The importance of controlling light levels in your home to protect your artwork

Ultraviolet rays can be a factor that leads to your artwork becoming damaged. Although not all materials deteriorate the same way, some materials can be more sensitive to light than others. An example of a material that is highly sensitive to light is textiles. UV protective glazing can be a good solution as it also prevents colours from fading

Putting Everyone In The Picture

It is a measure of the manic pace at which the Zanna brothers work, especially during the pandemic which has pushed revenue up considerably and advanced the interests of internet sales by 20 years, that it's taken months to arrange an hour when I could get them both together to set down, for posterity, how Easyframe got to where it is. And even then they didn't feel comfortable sitting down. So we didn't.

Picture frames for your home office

We've all had to adapt to working from the home office, for some, it's just a case of working from the kitchen table with a laptop. For others, however, the idea of working from a home office feels like an attractive idea going-forward into the years to come.

3 Important questions to ask yourself before you frame your artwork

We are extremely proud of the service we provide to our customers, and we do our best to create frames that you, your friends and your family are going to enjoy viewing. But as experienced as we are at what we do, there are some things that only you know.

The top 5 picture framing and decor trends of 2021

An excellent way to express our tastes and passions is through interior design as it gives us full creative control over the space that we wish to create. It also allows us to make an area our own, and if the design is well thought out, it can help boost the overall value of our home. In order to keep up with modern-day trends, have a read of our top decor and <a href="/frames" title="picture frame designer">framing tips</a> of 2021 that will be the envy of your friends and family.

Buffet Serves Up A WInner

Easyframe’s workforce perpetually has its noses to the grindstone, not least because the COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged most houseproud folk to have businesses like theirs frame or reframe work to hang in the homes to which they’ve been largely confined for the last year.

The 4 biggest reasons to opt for online framing

You can often find ready-made frames from the likes of Ikea or John Lewis and they, all too often, have attractive price tags, but is it worth taking the risk of having your artwork ruined or have it fall apart over time? With online framing, you get the benefit of a seamless ordering process from the first day you order until the moment it is delivered to your door. Along with this, you have the added benefit of having top of the line materials to choose from and a wealth of experience.

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