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Informative posts about the art and picture framing world, as well as important events/changes happening at EasyFrame. Some articles are written by people who are not connected with Easyframe. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in these articles belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to Easyframe. Easyframe accept no responsibility whatsoever for the information contained in these articles or how the information may be used.

Buffet Serves Up A WInner

Easyframe’s workforce perpetually has its noses to the grindstone, not least because the COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged most houseproud folk to have businesses like theirs frame or reframe work to hang in the homes to which they’ve been largely confined for the last year.

The 4 biggest reasons to opt for online framing

You can often find ready-made frames from the likes of Ikea or John Lewis and they, all too often, have attractive price tags, but is it worth taking the risk of having your artwork ruined or have it fall apart over time? With online framing, you get the benefit of a seamless ordering process from the first day you order until the moment it is delivered to your door. Along with this, you have the added benefit of having top of the line materials to choose from and a wealth of experience.

How do you frame a poster?

Posters are a timeless and creative way to express our interests, personality and bring life to any room in our home or flat. Quite often, you will find that they become collector's items and serve as a positive reminder of the experiences we enjoyed in our youth.

Be an early bird and have some fun with sunrise photography

We know that early risers are becoming more and more uncommon as many of us prefer the prospect of staying in bed for as long as we possibly can, especially on the weekends. For the budding photographers out there, there is no better time to set your camera and tripod up to capture the beauty of the sunrise, also known as the golden hour (providing there isn't any cloud of course)!

Photographing Christmas

It's just as important to capture the countdown to Christmas as it is to photograph the big day as it helps you to maintain memories. To get started with Christmas photography, make sure you have your camera at the ready when you are wrapping gifts, decorating the tree and having a hot chocolate with the family in front of the fireplace. There are many opportunities to take the perfect photograph this Christmas (even if it is going to be slightly different) and frame the memory, have a look at the points below to see how you can get creative.

What makes a picture frame attractive?

When it comes to framing your chosen piece of artwork for presentation, there are several elements that you need to take into consideration.

Photographing and Framing Fireworks

If there is a need to frame a firework then certainly our experience and expertise can cope with all shapes and sizes. That said most of the work that we are asked to do post November 5th is framing photographs of taken by our customers.

Halloween Photography: It's Been a Scary Year

As we all know, coronavirus has given us enough of a fright this year, fingers crossed that we are nearing the end! However, Halloween creeps closer and closer towards us, so we thought it would be perfect timing to give our readers some frighteningly clever tricks and treats to capture the perfect photograph during this time of year.

How you can encompass 5 elements of Feng Shui with photo frame shapes

For thousands of years, Chinese culture has used Feng Shui in all sorts of everyday life. It is believed that good Feng Shui can bring good fortune. If done incorrectly, it can do the opposite! This is something to keep note of if you're looking to bring in some extra good luck, prosperity and better times into your own future! Interestingly enough, the shapes of your picture frames and their overall layouts within your home can harness positive energy in the rooms and walls that they are placed on.

Harnessing positivity through pictures of nature

It's human nature to get to a point where you feel too stressed to do anything productive. We may have every intention of getting the things done that we need to, however, when we feel stressed, it can be exceptionally difficult to achieve the tasks we have set out for ourselves when you are not in the right frame of mind.

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