Digitally Printed and Framed Pictures Digitally Printed and Framed Pictures Digitally Printed and Framed Pictures to your exact requirements. Also available as stretched canvasses framed traditionally or in a modern floater frame.
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Digital Printing and Framing Services

Upload your digital images to have them professionally printed and framed in different styles and formats

Multi Print and Frame
Multi Print and Frame
Stretched Canvas Prints
Stretched Canvas Prints
Free Delivery Over £50 * Most UK Addresses  |  Order Today for Dispatch On or Before Wednesday 19 June

Let's Get Started

The EasyFrame print and frame service allows you to quickly and efficiently upload your favourite pictures to our website, and to have them printed, framed and dispatched to your door within just 3 full working days. Don't forget we offer free delivery on orders over £50 net(excluding UK Isles and some areas of Scotland).

We offer three different printing styles and formats

  • Single Image Print and Frame - By far the most popular option. Upload a single photo or digital copy of any other form of artwork and choose from our huge range of picture frame styles and mount colours. You have full control over the mount colours, border widths and frame selection. The possibilities and combinations are endless.
  • Multi Image Print and Frame - Like the single image option, but with this option you can upload multiple images based around the same theme. Design the layout and select the sizes for each individual aperture. The layout can be perfectly aligned and symmetrical, or it can be mish mash - You have full control. Once the layout is complete, you can select from over 500 different frame styles and numerous mount colour options.
  • Digital Canvas Prints - Upload the digital file and have it transferred to canvas. The canvas can be supplied ready to hang with the image stretched around the sides of the stretcher bars, or you can opt to have it framed in a traditional style picture frame or the more modern canvas floater frame style.

It really is easy; all you need to do is upload your digital image or select an image from your account image gallery and adjust the width and height if you need to. By changing one dimension (width or height), our website will automatically adjust the other dimension so that the image proportions are maintained. Our website will advise you of the maximum print size based on the resolution of the uploaded image.

Next, select your paper type and colourisation. We offer a choice of semi-matt, fine art, metallic paper or cotton canvas if opting for a stretched canvas picture. Our recommendations would be to use either of the photographic papers for photographic images and one of the fine art papers for anything hand drawn. Images can be colourised in black and white, sepia and original formats. You can then select single or double mount if needed, along with mount colour options.

Finally, choose the style and colour of your frame and the type of glazing you would like to use, and add any extras such as clips, tape, or hooks before reviewing your order. The visualisation will update as you make changes so you can get a very good idea of what the finished product will look like. After you have made you selections, all you need to do is sit back and wait for your newly framed image to be delivered to your door!

Image Upload and Sizes

You have two options to upload an image to our website.

  • Click the Browse button to locate the file on your computer or mobile device. Wait for a few seconds whilst our website checks the images is suitable for printing. Once you can see a thumbnail of the image, just click the Upload button to send it to our server. Once uploaded, you will see the image on the right and will be able to select further options.
  • If you have a Free Online Account, you can upload images to your own personal gallery. Once activated, you will see an Image Gallery button - just click this button to view all your uploaded images that are suitable for printing.

Once you have chosen an image to use, the maximum size will be displayed. You can amend either the width or the height in the relevant boxes. Our website will automatically maintain the pixel ratio of the image, so changing one side will mean the opposite side is also changed.

Please remember we only prevent low resolution images being uploaded. If your image is poor quality for any other reason, the finished print will also be poor quality.

Printing on Paper

We offer a choice of semi matt, fine art or metallic paper. Our recommendations would be to use either of the photographic papers for photographic images and one of the fine art papers for anything hand drawn. Images can be colourised in black and white, sepia and original formats.

  • Semi Matt Photographic Paper - A premium weight, microporous coated, semi matte photo paper that's ideal for photographic reproductions at the highest quality. The coating is designed to achieve the maximum colour gamut from piezo pigment printers. Instant drying, smudge resistant and universally compatible. Our preferred choice for any photographic work or imagery where colour and definition is of upmost importance.
  • Titanium Luster Metallic Paper - Titanium Lustre has a beautiful pronounced textured finish on a heavyweight 280 gsm silver resin coated base. This new photo paper truly resembles the look, feel and print quality of a metallic surface with its high silver pigment content - this is NOT one of the much less impressive 'pearlescent' papers on the market which is simply an 'effect' on the coating - the base of Titanium really does look like silver!! Incredible detail and clarity is achievable delivering stunning high resolution visual impact and making your images just jump off the paper. Its great tonal range, wide colour gamut and high D-max works extremely well with images that have vibrant colours, deep blacks or containing reflective metal surfaces such as chrome, silver or even gold! Everyday objects such as watches, jewellery, glass, metalwork and mirrors come to life with almost a 3D effect. Fully compatible with both dye and pigment inks. Try printing your black and white images on this surface - you will not believe what you can achieve in the tonal highlights and greys. And, if you print HDR images on this surface, you have just taken your print output to another level altogether! We have many customers already reporting winning prestigious print awards because the paper is so different to anything else the judges have ever seen!
  • Ultra-Smooth Fine Art Paper - A 100% cotton rag paper with an enhanced whiter 310 gsm base. This acid-free paper upholds the appearance of high-key detail and colours to an exceptional standard. It has a high gamut volume and good ability to return a smooth gradation of skin tone. Works extremely well with images that exhibit a lot of shadow detail and wide colour spectrum making it a good fine art choice for monochrome
  • Textured Fine Art Paper - A wonderfully textured watercolour paper for any artist wishing to reproduce realistic artworks and drawings in a digital format. With a 250 gsm heavyweight base, this matt coated media brings out all the original subtle and gritty detail and creativity of your work whether you use pigment or dye inks. Its natural white, OBA free base has a wide colour gamut and super sharpness and definition. Exceptional Dmax readings and a very wide colour gamut make this a true favourite for any fine art sketches, paintings and digital fine art photography printing where impressive textured detail is needed. A high level of colour vibrancy and sharpness can be obtained, and the resilient surface coating is resistant to scratches and scuffing.

Printing on Canvas

All of our canvases are printed on a 390 gsm water resistant bright white polycotton canvas with a pronounced textured surface that is good for colour reproductions. The canvas is suited for non-framed or framed artistic and portraiture reproductions.

You have options on how you would like your canvas picture stretched, and these will determine whether the canvas will be supplied in a frame or as a ready to hang canvas. The easiest way to understand and demonstrate the different options is to upload an image and select the different styles. As the selection changes, look at how the visualisation on the right-hand side changes.

Stretching Options

  • Stretched with White Edges - Your canvas will be stretched around a 2cm deep internal stretcher bar assembly. The printed image will just bleed around the edges by a few millimetres each side, with the edge being blank white canvas.
  • Stretched with Black Edges - Exactly as above but with the edges being printed black.
  • Stretched with Image Edges - With this option, your image will be printed approximately 40mm larger than the canvas size so that 20mm of the image is wrapped around the sides of the stretcher bars.
  • Stretched with Framing in a Picture Frame - Your canvas will be stretched and framed in picture frame in the traditional format. Selecting this option will mean picture frame categories are available in the Frames tab, and you will need to select a frame.
  • Stretched with Framing in a Floater Frame - Your canvas will be stretched with image wrapped around the edges, and then framed in a modern style canvas floater frame. Selecting this option will mean our floater frame range is available in the Frames tab, and you will need to select one.

You also have the option to change the colourisation of the image to either Black and White, or Sepia. Again, selecting this option will give you a better understanding of the differences and will help you make the right decision.


A mount is the coloured surround that goes around your artwork before being fitted inside the wooden or metal frame surround. Although a picture mount is optional it is recommended as it will visually enhance the artwork being framed and add conservational properties by spacing the artwork from the glazing. A mount is not recommended for any item that is framed without glazing, such as an Oil Painting. Mounts cannot be used when framing a stretched canvas.

The images below show a graphical example of how the same image with look with and without a mount.

image of framed picture with no mount

Framed without Mount

image of framed picture with a single mount

Framed with Single Mount

image of framed picture with a double mount

Framed with Double Mount

Single or Double Mount?

If you opt to have a picture mount you can select between one or two layers (single or double). By selecting two layers you will create a double mount that can be the same or contrasting colours. The general rule is that the bottom mount would be a darker colour which picks out a dominate colour in the artwork, whilst the top mount would be a lighter, neutral colour. If you do not require a mount just select "No Mounts".

Mount Border Widths

The border widths can be increased or decreased by changing the value in the relevant boxes for each side. Over 90% of the mounts we supply have equal border widths on all four sides, however you can 'turn off' the equal borders switch which will give the option to have 1 or more different border widths.


The frame is the wooden or metal edging that encases your artwork and the glazing/backing.

We have a range of around 500 different frame styles to choose from. To obtain a price for a particular frame just click on the moulding image and check the price above the visualisation or in the order review. Every frame is priced differently, and we have tried to cover all budgets from very basic/simple frames to beautiful hand finished mouldings fit for any masterpiece.

Some mouldings are not suitable for larger frames and therefore each moulding has a limit to how big we can make the frame. Our website will automatically remove moulding that we deem unsuitable for the sizes you enter. Therefore, you cannot order very thin wooden profiles for large frames as they will simply fall to pieces.

You can use the sort options to arrange the moulding types by price or width to make searching for your perfect frame easier.

Click on the icon by each moulding name to view all the information available, including width, height, rebate depth and material, as well as more images. Please note that the moulding rebate will overlap the glazing, artwork & backing to ensure it doesn't fall out. The rebate overlap does vary between mouldings, but it is approximately 5mm. You also have the option to order a small sample selection by clicking the 'Order Sample' link in the detailed information window. A small charge is applicable for samples to cover our postage costs.

Hopefully every moulding you can see is available and in stock as we remove all moulding which are out of stock using an automated system which updates every 30 minutes. Discrepancies are very rare, but we will contact you with options if a moulding is out of stock.

If you are framing a canvas picture, there will be the additional category of canvas floater frames which are the modern framing option.


The glazing, aka glass, is the protective front that covers your artwork, and is essential for the majority of framing work. At EasyFrame we use high-quality, shatter-resistant acrylic to glaze our frames. We believe it is superior to glass for picture framing in many ways, as it is clearer, doesn't appear green in the light, and offers a higher level of UV protection. It's also far more lightweight, which means your frame will be easier to handle, hang and store. We offer four different glazing options for your custom framing work.

Glazing Types

  • 2mm Clear Acrylic Glazing - Premium quality acrylic glazing which offers higher light transmission properties & better UV protection when compared with standard glass. Our default/standard option and suitable for everything that requires glazing.
  • 2mm Anti-Reflective UV100 Plexiglas Gallery - UV protection greater than 99.7%, Light Transmission of over 92%, No Inherent Colour(such as greenish or greyish tinge) and increased break resistance - Data Sheet. Anti Reflective has a diffused finish and WILL reduce the clarity of the artwork by making it duller. We only recommend this glazing if you specifically need to prevent glare and reflections, i.e. your picture is in a window or close to a light. Anti-Reflective Glazing is not recommended if you are framing with a mount as it will be spaced away from your artwork which reduces the clarity further.
  • 3mm Clear UV100 Plexiglas Gallery - UV protection greater than 99.7%, Light Transmission of over 92%, No Inherent Colour(such as greenish or greyish tinge) and increased break resistance - Data Sheet. 50% thicker than our standard clear acrylic. Suitable and recommended for any valuable or irreplaceable artwork.
  • 3mm ArtGlass Lifetime Acrylic - The premium glazing offers excellent clarity and colour precision. The anti-reflective coating elevates the optical performance, and reduces light reflections to ~1%. Museum Grade and almost invisible.

Please do not be put off by the term 'Acrylic'. We DO NOT use cheap styrene glazing commonly found in frames imported from the Far East and sold by budget department stores. Our standard 2mm Clear Acrylic glazing is far superior to normal glass in many ways. It is visually better than glass by offering a higher level of clarity, and it also offers a far greater level of UV protection.

Acrylic is the name of the product, and there are various brand names who manufacture Acrylic such as Perspex and AcryGlas. The thinnest size available in genuine acrylic is 2mm. Some retailers sell inferior alternatives which are generally thinner than 2mm and are 100% styrene or a mix or styrene and acrylic - you really do not want to use any glazing with styrene in it, so please be careful!

We do not supply glass with any frames that are sent via courier due to the increased risk of breakage. If you are opted to collect your frame from Bedford we will be able to supply glass providing you email this request as soon as your order has been placed.


As you are purchasing a complete framed picture (assuming you select a picture frame), you do not need the majority of the general accessories shown here. You may require some hooks for the wall or you have the option of a Stand Up Back for pictures smaller than 320 X 320mm.


The Order Review contains the full specification of the items you have designed. It is essential you review every aspect to ensure it is correct as any item that has been custom made to your specification is not eligible for a refund or exchange.

The review is broken down into the different parts of the custom product you have designed. Depending on what you are ordering, the order review may contain the following items.

  • Frame Style - The title of the selected frame details the width across the front face and the most dominant colour.
  • Frame Size - The frame size relates to what fits inside the frame such as the glazing and backing. It DOESN'T relate to the external frame size or the visible size from the front of the frame.
  • Printed Image Size - The size your image will be printed to. If selecting a mount, the mount will overlap the image by a few mm on each side.
  • Stretching Option - The way you have opted to have the canvas stretched. This may be with the image wrapped around the side, with
  • Top Mount - The colour of the top mount colour if selected.
  • Top Borders - The border widths of the top mount if selected.
  • Bottom Mount - The colour and width of the bottom mount if selected.
  • Glazing - The type of glazing selected for your picture frame.
  • Accessories - Any optional extras you may have selected.
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