Box frames for framing football shirts, medals and decourpage. Box frames for framing football shirts, medals and decourpage. View our range of box picture frames which include a matching internal box. Suitable for framing items with an element of depth such as baby casts, football shirts, medals, etc.
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Box Display Frames

Box frames are used to frame an item that is thicker than a normal print, such as a football shirt, medal, golf ball, etc, etc. Our range of box frames are available with varying internal depths. Please click on the images below for full details of the internal space between the glazing and backing. Remembrance Poppy Display Kits are also available.

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Measuring Advice
All frames are now being displayed with pricing to fit artwork size 260mm x 260mm.
Price shown includes Clear Acrylic Glazing, MDF Backing Board and Hanging Fixtures.
20mm Oak Veneer Box Frame
20mm Maple Veneer Box Frame
20mm Walnut Veneer Box Frame
20mm Wenge Veneer Box Frame
22mm Black Stain Box
26mm Komodo Red Box Frame
26mm Komodo Black Box Frame
26mm Komodo Ivory Box Frame
25mm Oak Veneer Box Frame
29mm White Box Frame
29mm Black Box Frame
25mm Walnut Veneer Box Frame
28mm Brittany Black Box Frame
28mm Brittany Ivory Box Frame
28mm Brittany Red Box Frame
28mm Brittany Green Box Frame
Box Display Frame

Everyone loves to show-off their prized possessions: be it special photos, treasured keepsakes, sports collectibles or memorabilia. Ever wondered how to make a unique display of your favourite things when they are too thick to fit inside a normal picture frame? The perfect solution is none other than a 'Box Frame'! Box frames, or Picture Frames with an internal box, are perfect when an item of display needs more depth than a normal picture frame as they are fitted with a spacer between the glazing and the backing. A Box Frame makes for a pride filled wall display to showcase a signed football shirt, clay print of your child's hands, that beautiful collage of photos, mementos, medals, decoupage or your grandparent's war medals. Don't tuck away your hard work; with an ounce of creativity, you will be able to commemorate your achievements with just the right type of edging to adorn them: The Box Frame.

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