Made To Measure Picture Frames and Mounts Made To Measure Picture Frames and Mounts Made to measure picture frames and mounts. Large picture frames can be manufactured to your exact requirements in over 500 different picture frame mouldings
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Made To Measure Picture Frames and Mounts

With a full range of design options, you can create the perfect picture frame and mount combination for your home. Full visualisation and 360° photography of frame mouldings help make sure it's exactly what YOU want!

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Free Delivery Over £50 * Most UK Addresses  |  Order Today for Dispatch On or Before Wednesday 19 June

Let's Get Started

Picture frames or photo frames can help draw attention to any image you choose, while complementing the rest of a room's decor and reflecting part of your personality. When entering a room with tastefully placed framed pictures, you can feel comfortable, and visitors are sure to notice your unique choices.

Here at EasyFrame, you can choose the exact size, style and material of frame mouldings to suit your requirements, but you do need to ensure you measure your artwork correctly and understand what you are ordering. Therefore, we encourage you to read through our intuitive instructional sections that will hopefully prevent a costly mistake. Remember, any custom-made photo frame or picture frames manufactured by us is made to your exact specification and is not eligible for a refund or exchange.

Ordering photo frames or picture frames online from us is the perfect option for the huge majority of straightforward framing jobs. We can offer basic advice and general facts, but we can't measure your artwork for you, and we can't offer advice specific to your requirements. If you are not sure, please, please take your artwork to a reputable local picture framer for help.


measuring a mounted picture

We refer to the item you are framing as your artwork, and it is assumed you have considered and prepared your artwork before getting to the measuring stage. Check out our detailed measuring information page which includes illustrations of common types of artwork and how they should be measured.

For the huge majority of our customers, the rule is simple - just enter the size of your artwork, and our website will calculate all the other necessary measurements. These basic principles are industry standard, and will almost certainly be the same for any other online framer or High Street framing shop.

Remember, Remember...

  • If you are ordering a frame only, the size you enter will always relate to what fits inside the frame opening at the back.
  • If you are ordering a frame and mount combination, the size you enter will relate to the opening of the mount.

And finally, always correctly measure your artwork yourself. Never rely on sizes detailed on a website or the packaging of a print, as they will most likely be rounded up or down.

You also have the option to upload a digital file of the image you wish to frame. This will help you envisage how it will look with different frame and mount combinations. This is just a preview, we do not print the image nor do we make any suggestion that we will print the image unless you use our Print and Frame Service.


A mount is the coloured surround that goes around your artwork before being fitted inside the wooden or metal frame surround. Although a mount is optional it is recommended as it will visually enhance the artwork being framed and add conservational properties by spacing the artwork from the glazing. A mount is not recommended for any item that is framed without glazing, such as an Oil Painting.

The images below show a graphical example of how the same image with look with and without a mount.

image of framed picture with no mount

Framed without Picture Mounts

image of framed picture with a single mount

Picture Frame with Single Mount

image of framed picture with a double mount

Picture Frame with Double Mount

Single or Double Mount?

If you opt to have a mount you can select between one or two layers(single or double). By selecting two layers you will create a double mount that can be the same or contrasting colours. The general rule is that the bottom mount would be a darker colour which picks out a dominant colour in the artwork, whilst the top mount would be a lighter, neutral colour. If you do not require a mount just select "No Mounts".

Mount Border Widths

The border widths can be increased or decreased by changing the value in the relevant boxes for each side. Over 90% of the mounts we supply have equal border widths on all four sides, however you can 'turn off' the equal borders switch which will give the option to have 1 or more different border widths.

To Take Image Size or Exact Image Size?

The default option on our website is for us to cut the opening of the mount 6mm smaller than the size entered so the mount will 'take' that image size, i.e. it will just overlap the image. You can change this option so that the mount opening is cut to the exact size entered. Selecting this option means we will cut the opening to the exact size entered. This option is useful for more advanced framers who have already made the necessary allowances.


The frame is the wooden or metal edging that encases your artwork and the glazing/backing.

We have a range of around 500 different frame styles to choose from. To obtain a price for a particular frame just click on the moulding image and check the price above the visualisation or in the order review. Every frame is priced differently and we have tried to cover all budgets from very basic/simple frames to beautiful hand finished mouldings fit for any masterpiece.

Some mouldings are not suitable for larger frames and therefore each moulding has a limit to how big we can make the frame. Our website will automatically remove moulding that we deem unsuitable for the sizes you enter. Therefore you cannot order very thin wooden profiles for large frames as they will simply fall to pieces.

You can use the sort options to arrange the moulding types by price or width to make searching for your perfect frame easier.

Click on the icon by each moulding name to view all the information available, including width, height, rebate depth and material, as well as more images. Please note that the moulding rebate will overlap the glazing, artwork & backing to ensure it doesn't fall out. The rebate overlap does vary between moulding but it is approximately 5mm. You also have the option to order a small sample selection by clicking the 'Order Sample' link in the detailed information window. A small charge is applicable for samples to cover our postage costs.

Hopefully every moulding you can see is available and in stock as we remove all moulding which are out of stock using an automated system which updates every 30 minutes. Discrepancies are very rare but we will contact you with options if a moulding is out of stock.


The glazing, aka glass, is the protective front that covers your artwork, and is essential for the majority of framing work. At EasyFrame we use high-quality, shatter-resistant acrylic to glaze our frames. We believe it is superior to glass for picture framing in many ways, as it is clearer, doesn't appear green in the light, and offers a higher level of UV protection. It's also far more lightweight, which means your frame will be easier to handle, hang and store. We offer four different glazing options for your custom framing work.

Glazing Types

  • 2mm Clear Acrylic Glazing - Premium quality acrylic glazing which offers higher light transmission properties & better UV protection when compared with standard glass. Our default/standard option and suitable for everything that requires glazing.
  • 2mm Anti-Reflective UV100 Plexiglas Gallery - UV protection greater than 99.7%, Light Transmission of over 92%, No Inherent Colour(such as greenish or greyish tinge) and increased break resistance - Data Sheet. Anti Reflective has a diffused finish and WILL reduce the clarity of the artwork by making it duller. We only recommend this glazing if you specifically need to prevent glare and reflections, i.e. your picture is in a window or close to a light. Anti-Reflective Glazing is not recommended if you are framing with a mount as it will be spaced away from your artwork which reduces the clarity further.
  • 3mm Clear UV100 Plexiglas Gallery - UV protection greater than 99.7%, Light Transmission of over 92%, No Inherent Colour(such as greenish or greyish tinge) and increased break resistance - Data Sheet. 50% thicker than our standard clear acrylic. Suitable and recommended for any valuable or irreplaceable artwork.
  • 3mm ArtGlass Lifetime Acrylic - The premium glazing offers excellent clarity and colour precision. The anti-reflective coating elevates the optical performance, and reduces light reflections to ~1%. Museum Grade and almost invisible.
  • No Glazing - Reduce the cost by having no glazing(glass) included. Some types of art such as oil paintings, are commonly framed without any glazing in front of them.

Please do not be put off by the term 'Acrylic'. We DO NOT use cheap styrene glazing commonly found in frames imported from the Far East and sold by budget department stores. Our standard 2mm Clear Acrylic glazing is far superior to normal glass in many ways. It is visually better than glass by offering a higher level of clarity and it also offers a far greater level of UV protection.

Acrylic is the name of the product, and there are various brand names who manufacture Acrylic such as Perspex and AcryGlas. The thinnest size available in genuine acrylic is 2mm. Some retailers sell inferior alternatives which are generally thinner than 2mm and are 100% styrene or a mix or styrene and acrylic - you really do not want to use any glazing with styrene in it, so please be careful!

We do not supply glass with any frames that are sent via courier due to the increased risk of breakage. If you are opt to collect your frame from Bedford we will be able to supply glass providing you email this request as soon as your order has been placed.


If ordering a custom picture frame, it will be supplied with everything you require to fit your picture into the frame and attach the hanging accessories to the back of the frame. Some types of artwork, such as Oil Painting may require additional fixing, and you will require wall fixing such as the hook and pin sets available on our website.

These tapes and accessories will help create a professionally finished job but are not essential.

Kraft tape is highly recommended to seal the back of the frame once the artwork has been fitted. Sealing the back of the frame with provide a more professional look as well as adding additional security and strength to the frame.

Ph7-70 tape and Conservation Barrier Board is recommended for all artwork, but in particular any artwork that carries any value. The tape is used to hinge the artwork to the mount, whilst the barrier board is used to create a barrier board between the artwork and the MDF backing board.

Some of these optional extras are only suitable for certain frames. These options will be removed from any orders should you change to an unsuitable frame style.
Foamboards and spacers are only suitable for frame with a rebate depth of 20mm or more, and the stand up back option is only available for frame size 320 X 320mm or smaller.

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