Refund and Damage Policies Full, detailed and concise information about your rights to a refund should any custom made product not meet you expectations or arrive damaged.
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Refund, Damage & Cancellation Policy

All consumers and businesses are protected by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and the Consumer Contract Regulations 2013

Important Information

You shouldn't expect the reverse of any picture frame to be finished to the same standard as any parts of the frame which will be visible when hung on the wall. Some excess paint may be noticeable on the reverse of the frame mouldings due to the processes used to apply different finishes. For a professional finish, we recommend sealing the back of the frame with tape after the artwork has been fitted.

We recommend all wooden picture frames have the back sealed with tape after the artwork has been fitted to add additional security/strength. On larger frame sizes with thinner moulding profiles, this may be essential as wooden mouldings may bow slightly. You can view a demonstration video here.

Moulding and mount board colours may appear differently on your screen due to the device settings(brightness/contrast). Whilst we make every effort to provide images that offer an excellent representation of the actual product, it is entirely beyond our control how you set up your device. Therefore you should expect small differences between the actual product and the visualisation on our website.

Wood mouldings are manufactured from a naturally sourced material. There will always be a slight difference between batches of moulding as the stain/paint may react differently with different wood batches. Whilst we will update the imagery on our website if we find any significant difference in the moulding appearance, we do not update the imagery for every batch of moulding. If you are unsure, please order a sample first.

The descriptions of all products are created based on information provided to us by the manufacturer. We only use simple colour names which can cover a wide spectrum of colours. For example, A 'White' frame would cover a moulding in any shade of white and may not be an exact match for a white frame you have brought elsewhere. Similarly, two different 'Grey' frame styles purchased from us may not be the same 'Grey' colour.

The colour description of a frame doesn't indicate the material used to manufacture the item. A 'Gold' frame isn't made from real gold and 'Walnut' frames are not made from real Walnut.

Refund Policy

All picture frames, mounts, digital prints and canvas reproductions are made to customer specification and are not eligible for a refund under the terms of UK law. The Consumer Contract Regulations(linked above) is very clear in that 'the supply of goods that are made to the consumer's specifications or are clearly personalised' are excluded from any right to cancel, exchange or refund. The reasons are quite simple, the goods have been made to your specification and cannot be resold.

On occassions we may be able to find amicable solution for items that have been ordered incorrectly, or do not meet your requirements for other reasons. However this policy is entirely at our discretion and would only apply to orders upto £200 in value. To be clear, this doesn't mean we will refund any order. It means we may be able to provide replacements to an updated specification at a reduced price as a gesture of goodwill.

If there is a problem with your order such as the size or colour, please contact us and we will see if there is anything we can do to resolve the situation. You will find we are more sympathetic to customer errors if they reported in pleasant and non confrontational manner.

Any item that does not fall into the "Personalised or Made to Order" category may be returned for a full refund excluding delivery costs. Any item must be returned with 14 days of receipt and at your expense and in the original packaging. We will not refund the postage cost for any correctly supplied item.

Should only part of any order be returned we will amend the invoice total to the online price for the items retained and only refund the difference. If, by returning part of any order the order total falls below the free delivery threshold, delivery charges will become applicable and deducted from any refund. Any discount levels will also be amended based on the updated quantity totals. Should any discount no longer applicable, it will be deducted from the refund amount.

Damage Policy

The term 'Damage' may be taken to mean obvious scratches, dents or breakages that may occur during transit or due to misuse. Due to The Consumer Rights Act 2015, damage is treated differently to manufacturing defects and faults.

Once the goods have been accepted from the courier, the risk is passed to you. Any damage should be detailed on the delivery document before the courier leaves. However, we do understand that it is not always possible to check the goods whilst the courier waits. Therefore EasyFrame will accept responsibility for any damage that is reported within 48 hours of receipt and before the goods have been used. In the case of obvious damage, we will only supply a replacement to the original specification detailed on your order confirmation. We will not be able to provide a refund or a replacement to a different specification.

It is important to remember a picture frame can be delicate, and damage can be caused with relative ease. Please ensure you check any goods for damage before they are used. Unfortunately we will not accept responsibility for obvious damage that is reported after the item has been used as the damage may have been caused by misuse.

A picture frame is 'used' to display a picture. For a picture frame to be 'used', it would mean the acrylic glazing has been removed from the frame and the protective film peeled off. At this stage, we will not accept any claims for obvious damage which would have been evident before using the frame.

The only exception to damage being reported after the frame has been used would be if the acrylic was scratched. Any scratches on acrylic wouldn't be apparent until after the protective film had been removed, and therefore we will still accept claims for scratched acrylic providing it is reported within 48 hours of receipt.

We may require the damaged item returning and will arrange this at our cost. We will arrange for a courier to collect the item during normal working hours on a pre arranged week day. We are unable to provide a timed collection so the item would need to be available throughout the day. Any item being returned to us must be repackaged in a similar way as it was received and must be returned in the original packaging.

Manufacturing Defect Policy

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 improves consumers rights for defective and faulty products. To meet the requirements of this legislation we have different policies for obvious damage(see above) and manufacturing defects as your rights differ. Examples of a manufacturing defect would be if we have supplied an item to different size than the one ordered, or if the corner of your picture frame was misaligned - basically anything that couldn't have been caused due to misuse.

If we have supplied a product that is either faulty or has a manufacturing defect you will have a right to a refund or a replacement as detailed in the Consumer Right Act. A reported fault or defect would only be accepted if, in our opinion, a reasonable person would consider the goods unsatisfactory taking into account the description and cost of the goods. Most of our products are manufactured from naturally sourced materials(wood), you should expect minor inconsistencies and minor marks.

To protect us from abuse of consumer rights, we would only supply a replacement item to the exact same specification. If you opt for a refund without giving us the opportunity to supply a replacement custom made item, we wouldn't accept any future orders of the same or similar specification.

Any manufacturing defect that would not have been apparent at the time of manufacture does not entitle you to a refund. An example of this would be if your acrylic glazing was scratched once the protective film has been removed. Providing the fault was reported to us within 48 hours of receipt, we would supply a replacement piece of acrylic but it would be unreasonable to expect a custom made product to be refunded as we wouldn't have been aware of the problem.

Cancellation Policy

Any order for a custom picture frame, picture mount, digitally printed products or any other product that is being manufactured to a custom specification cannot be cancelled once production has begun. The manufacturing process may begin within one hour of the order being placed so we strongly recommend you fully review your order confirmation immediately. We are also unable to cancel any custom made order that is delayed in transit for any reason whatsoever.

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