How To Take Great Photos During Winter Winter is a great time for photography. The air has that crisp bite to it, the snow is pristine and untouched, and people are extra cosy in their winter clothes.
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How To Take Great Photos During Winter

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Winter is a great time for photography. The air has that crisp bite to it, the snow is pristine and untouched, and people are extra cosy in their winter clothes.

With snowfall covering everything white, Christmas lights illuminating our small towns' high streets, and rain creating reflections on mass, the chilly weather isn't as bad for us photography fanatics as one might think.

Whether you're taking photos of your kids playing outside or trying to capture the perfect selfie on top of a mountain peak, these tips will help you take great pictures during winter!

Use Contrasting Colours

The best way for you to create some fantastic photos is by using contrasting colours. So, instead of just shooting in black and white on a grey day, try out different colour combinations.

For example, the deep blue sky against the pure white snow (rare in the UK, we know) creates an amazing contrast- anyone can take this photo but not everyone can make it look great.

Even if all you do is shoot off your camera's Auto setting during wintertime, everything will turn out looking more beautiful than expected. Sometimes pictures are better when they're simple. If you keep things basic with contrasting colours, then anything has the potential to look good.

Use Different Angles and Perspectives

Shooting from different angles can give your photos a whole new perspective. If you've ever seen the popular Canadian TV series 'How it's Made', then you'll know that objects appear differently depending on how they are viewed, and this is true for photography too!

If there's something interesting in the distance, try climbing to get an aerial shot of it instead of just snapping away at ground level. For example, if you're trying to take pictures of some kids playing around in the snow then shoot down on them rather than photographing their every move while standing next to them. You might be surprised by what happens when you stand further back- showing more background detail will make for better pictures.

It's not just about snow in the winter. Try fog and rain instead

Sure, snow is great for photos, but it's not the only thing that makes winter pictures special. You can also use fog and rain to make your pictures look more interesting.

For example, if you're visiting somewhere like London during December-January then getting some shots of black cabs driving through standing water makes an interesting shot. People love seeing those nostalgic images from TV or film come alive in front of them with real people too.

Use city lights during the night

If you're going somewhere with a big city nearby, then consider taking some time after dark to go and see how things look all lit up. There is nothing more magical than seeing Christmas lights twinkling in their thousands from high above your head! In fact, if it's snowing or foggy out then those streetlights can really add something special to an otherwise average shot of a place.

Let's say for instance you want to take pictures of houses and buildings on a busy high street but don't want them to look like every other photo everyone takes on Instagram, try getting some shots during the evening/night instead. The artificial light will make everything look different and unique again.

Fresh and untouched

When snow is untouched, it has a clean appearance in your photographs, emphasising the freshness and bright white contrast. However, if you want to avoid the rush of people making footprints, you'll need to plan and shoot your pictures during snowfall or early morning.

Snow that has yet to be disturbed may provide a sense of serenity, and the sight of snowfall in either light or heavy quantities is remarkable. A slower shutter speed will make any sort of snowfall look like streaks of white, while a faster one will show it as individual flakes, impacting the outcome and making it look more professional.

The ideal moment to take landscape photographs is when the sun rises and sets.

The best time to take landscape photographs is at either the beginning or end of a day. The quality and colour range of light during these hours gives pictures a special glow that can't be captured at any other point in the 24-hour cycle.

Sunrise - Take some shots towards sunrise if you want something bright, colourful, and full of life, as this offers an opportunity for long exposure effects such as foggy puffs coming off bodies of water. If your camera allows it, try putting it on aperture priority mode so you can play around with different shutter speeds yourself until you get just what you're looking for!

Sunset - As we all know, sunset = orange sky red sun - very nice indeed but not always easy to capture right due to everything being too dark and the sun too bright. However, if you put your camera on a tripod and take some long exposure shots (e.g., 20-30 seconds) then it will make for gorgeous photos of beautiful sunsets!

Keep yourself warm

Wear warm clothes when you're taking winter photos, or else you'll end up with hypothermia! Also, be sure to wear good waterproof boots too.

Your hands especially can get very cold while you're out in the snow for hours on end (and if there's a bit of wind), so it might also be worth bringing gloves and some hand-warming sachets just in case your fingers do start going numb from the chill. You don't want to have to go home because your hands are freezing!


Winter is a beautiful time of year that offers many opportunities for great photographs. The tips above should provide some inspiration on how to make your pictures stand out from all the others that people take during wintertime.

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Article Posted: 12/10/2021 15:30:34

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