Unusual Picture Framing Ideas to Inspire You A well-framed picture, chosen wisely and displayed properly, really can give a room a boost. Selecting the wrong frame, of course, can result in a tacky or overly showy effect. The question is: how can the average person on the street get to grips wi
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Unusual Picture Framing Ideas to Inspire You

A well-framed picture, chosen wisely and displayed properly, really can give a room a boost. Selecting the wrong frame, of course, can result in a tacky or overly showy effect. The question is: how can the average person on the street get to grips with good picture framing, without shelling out hundreds or pounds or hours of their time? Sometimes, it's simply about getting inspired.

As with many other artistic activities, picture framing is driven by creativity and passion - but it's not always easy to get excited about a plain black frame, no matter how well it suits the artwork within.

In the name of inspiring our readers and customers, we've put together a few unusual picture framing ideas that are sure to have you headed for your nearest hardware shop?

Frame Something 3D

We'll start off with something simple, by reminding you that picture frames, and their contents, don't have to be flat! Get your hands on a box frame, and you can use it to house all kinds of 3D objects. Popular items to place in a box frame include plaster casts of hands (or baby feet), and sporting memorabilia or shirts - but the possibilities truly are endless!

Convert an Old Frame into Something Practical

It can be easy to forget that picture frames are often works of art in their own right - so why relegate them to the attic when you don't have any artworks that need framing? An old ornate frame can make a stylish addition to a wall, even if it's not housing a painting or illustration, especially when it doubles as something practical.

One easy and useful picture frame transformation involves sourcing an old framed picture and turning it into a pretty chalkboard. Visit a charity shop or junk sale (or raid your own storage spaces) and find an artwork that has no real aesthetic or monetary value - i.e. one that you won't feel bad painting over!

Sand the image down and then paint a layer of primer over the artwork. Once you've done this, you can add a layer of chalkboard paint. When this has dried, cover the board area and spray paint the frame with a colour of your choice. After the spray paint has dried, sand down the frame roughly to achieve a rustic finish. Et voila! You have a chic, charming and totally useable chalkboard for your home.

Repurpose an Old Window

Being a dab hand at picture framing is about being able to see the beauty and potential in something that seems, at first glance, uninspiring. So one way to jazz up your picture framing habits is to get creative with some old windows.

The next time you're paying a visit to the rubbish dump or renovating your home, keep your eyes peeled for a window that could be converted into a frame. A classic wooden lattice style works best for this purpose, particularly when it's a little beaten up. You can sand down the wood and paint over it, or keep the rustic, weathered look, and put your new window frame to use in all kinds of ways.

Keep the glass in (after giving it a good clean and polish) and you can use your window as a frame for one or multiple images. Alternatively, you can remove the glass, and simply hang the empty frame on your wall as a decorative feature. The options are endless!

Make Framed Bookshelves

If you're a book lover, then it's normal to want to put some of your favourite works on display in your home. One artistic way of doing this is to find some old frames or buy some cheap matching ones from a homeware store, and use them to front your shelves.

Get your hands on some wall-mounted cabinets or box shelves, and attach your frames to the front (making sure that the sizing matches up). You can decorate them with a layer of the same paint, or go for clashing finishes and colours. Whatever the end result, your books are going to have a home your favourite authors would be proud of.

Liven Up a Boring Frame

When we talk about repurposing or upcycling old picture frames, it's often assumed that your options are limited. Either you try and restore the frame to its former glory, or you sand it down and paint it in a bright, modern colour. Right? The truth is, there are lots of things you can do.

You can try "dipping" your frame to create a colour blocking effect. Cover your frame in one colour, let it dry and then paint the top half in a contrasting or complementary shade. For an even livelier frame cover it in in a layer of glue, and then go wild with glitter!

If you're feeling more crafty, try incorporating a little bit of nature into your frame. Take a plain wooden frame and replace one side with a size-matching branch or stick; or go the whole hog by attaching assorted twigs onto the front of your frame for a bird's nest effect.

Use Multiple Frames for One Image

Getting creative with picture frames doesn't always have to involve altering the frame itself. One simple, visually striking framing method involves printing out one image in several parts, framing each section separately and then arranging the image back together when you put the frames up on your wall (jigsaw puzzle style). This method will take a bit of time to organise, but the end result will be truly impressive.

Getting Creative with easyFrame

If you're only just getting into picture framing, remember that you don't always have to be pushing the boundaries. Sometimes the hardest frame to find is a simple monochrome one that perfectly complements the image within.

To make things easier (and so you can spend more time working on those creative projects) easyFrame offers a simple and straightforward picture framing service. Simply enter the dimensions of your image, choose a mount and frame style, and let us handle the rest.

Article Posted: 23/04/2018 12:59:46

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