Preserving Your Precious Memories by Framing Them With summer about to start and all countries emerging from the strange phenomena of lockdown, it has become important for some much-needed self-reflection
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Preserving Your Precious Memories by Framing Them

With summer about to start and all countries emerging from the strange phenomena of lockdown, it has become important for some much-needed self-reflection.

The lockdown has had all of us stuck in our homes and while it has been frustrating, it has had a positive side too. It has given all of us a breather from our busy day to day lives and allowed us to connect more with our loved ones.

Memories and experiences are some things that can never be taken away from us. Old age may make us forget certain moments but they always remain tucked inside deep recesses of our minds. Thankfully, there are ways in which we can preserve our memory in physical form and call upon it to relive our most beautiful memories.

Gazing at all of our precious photos during this time can give us a semblance of a happier time and remind us of the good times that will soon come. Here are some of our ideas on why you should preserve your most precious memories by framing them.

Why Should We Frame Our Pictures?

There are many reasons why we should frame our favourite pictures. Let's check them out.

family photography

1) Tell your story

Picture frames do a lot more than occupy space on our walls. With the right amount of inspiration, it can turn your wall into a living, breathing canvas of all your beautiful memories and tell your story to anyone who might be interested. Want to display the first steps of your child or important dates with your significant other?

You can tell all your favourite stories without even saying a word. We may not be able to live forever but we can pass on our tale for all those who will come after us and share our beautiful moments.

2) Gift for your loved ones

What better to gift a loved one than an immortalised memory you shared with them? Picture frames allow you to share your love for one another through shared memories and experiences. If your loved one has a hobby like painting or certain experiences they cherish, you can gift them their favourite moments by preserving them in a beautiful frame.

nostalgia photography

3) Nostalgia

In times like these, looking at a beautiful memory of the past can remind us of the good times that came before and inspire us towards the better times that will soon come. It helps us remember the precious moments in both our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Remember all the great camping trips you had with your family? All the road trips, trips to Disneyland, first swimming lessons and your child’s prom! Framing those moments can allow you and your loved ones to relive those moments whenever you want.

4) A simpler time

There is something about picture frames that reminds us of simpler times where we weren’t obsessed with our digital lives. It is essentially timeless and helps us reflect on the truly important things in our life. For those of us who were born in the 80’s and earlier, life has completely changed over the last decade. Our treasured moments of playing Pac Man, gaming arcades, taking pictures with film cameras, black and white movies and more remain only in our minds and pictures. With the right frame, you can display those moments proudly and reflect on our past and cherish them forever.

Preserving memories

5) Preserving memories

Memories sometimes fade with time. For some, it fades away completely whereas, for others, parts of it fade away until something triggers those memories. A picture frame will always preserve your precious moments or at the very least trigger them in your memory. No one lives forever but our memories can. Who wouldn’t want to preserve their memorable trips to the beaches with friends and family or scribbles laid down by their kids? Our past defines our present and helps us work towards our future. A picture in a frame can freeze our most important memories and experiences for all eternity.

With so many different designs, materials, shapes, sizes and types of picture frames, your ability to tell your story is only limited to your imagination. In today’s digital world, you can go through the hundreds of different types of frames from the comfort of your own home and get the ones that feel right for you. So next time you are sitting around wondering what to do, you can sit back and reminisce over your beautiful past.

We are really interested to see what you can come up with, so don't hesitate to send us your creations so what we can share them on our social media!

Any good framers will be able to show you a vast range of different solutions and advise on what might be the most suitable given the work and its proposed location.

For information on how to hang your perfectly framed picture we have put together a simple guide.

You can contact EasyFrame on 01234 856 501 and / or and they'll always chat even if you don't want to buy!

Article Posted: 16/06/2020 12:10:38

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