Tips on how to take great quality photos with your iPhone The iPhone has become a popular camera in the modern age. With its easy-to-use interface and high-quality pictures, it's no wonder that so many people are using their phones as their primary cameras.
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Tips on how to take great quality photos with your iPhone

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The iPhone has become a popular camera in the modern age. With its easy-to-use interface and high-quality pictures, it's no wonder that so many people are using their phones as their primary cameras.

Historically, DSLR and film cameras have been the best tools for capturing professional-looking photos. But nowadays, camera phones are evolving to a point where they can compete against these traditional heavy hitters.

In 2021, with a wide variety of features, the iPhone is able to capture high-quality photos. But even with all of the benefits of taking photos on your phone, there is still room for improvement. So here are 7 tips to take better pictures with your iPhone which will be perfect for picture frames.

1. Use HDR Mode

This mode automatically senses the scene and takes three shots- one with a lot of light, one with less light, and one in very low lighting. The images are then merged to produce an optimal photo that is capable of capturing more details than traditional photos.

This mode helps balance out these discrepancies by simultaneously capturing three versions of each shot, then combining some elements from each to create a perfect photo.

2. Use Your Hand as A Shutter Release

If you're taking pictures on your phone without using HDR mode, it's helpful to use your hand as a shutter release. This stabilizes the camera and reduces any shake from pressing down on the screen while shooting. Just make sure you don't end up covering part of the lens!

3. Capture in quick succession

One nifty trick for taking photos with an iPhone is the reduced firing time. It's worth noting that there is a separate feature that functions similarly to burst mode. Burst mode allows you to take multiple pictures quickly, without having to keep the shutter button pressed down while it takes photographs one by one.

One of the good things we have with later iPhone cameras is the time to capture an image has increased over the years. For example, on a 4s it would take around 5 seconds for just one photo. Now, in comparison, an iPhone 10th generation takes less than 1 second to capture another photo after doing so.

4. Learn how to use portrait mode

Portrait Mode is an exclusive feature to the newest iPhone models. If you are using a 7 Plus or higher, this will be familiar to you. This is a feature that mimics the depth of field that high-end cameras are normally capable of producing. The primary purpose of Portrait Mode is to create a blurry background while making your chosen subject(s) stand out in detail.

In layman's terms, Portrait Mode blurs the background of your photos whilst keeping your subject sharp and in focus. This is a fantastic feature to have on your phone if you want to capture beautiful portraits.

There are a number of settings within the Portrait Mode on an iPhone which allow you to change how your photo turns out. For example, Natural does little to the image whilst Studio brightens up one subject in particular. To improve the photo quality, Stage Bright removes the background of your photos and replaces it with black. You can also change the F-stop to either maximise focus or bring more background into focus.

5. Using your camera at night

iPhone night photography can be exceedingly difficult, a major hurdle of which is the inability to manually adjust the focus due to poor lighting. Fortunately, Apple has made adjustments for those who own 11 and 12 Model iPhones- but this section only applies for those with these models.

Night Mode helps to improve the quality of your photos in low light settings. One cool feature that is included in iOS14 is that the phone prompts you to balance your shot in the frame by use of a set of crosshairs. The function of Night Mode may be used if you are able to activate it, using this feature will provide a better shot with less motion and improved quality in low-light conditions.

6. Clean your lens

Sounds simple, but a dirty lens is one of the leading causes for distorted and grainy photos. To avoid this, it is important to clean your phone's camera every so often with a lens cloth or even just some tissue paper.

If you're going to be taking any close-up shots, then make sure that there are no smudges on the glass front of your iPhone before snapping away. Not only will this cause blurred images but worse still, dirt particles could scratch your screen

When cleaning off fingerprints from screens like these, ensure that all traces have been removed as they may act as tiny prisms which create reflections in photographs if the light hits them at a certain angle.

7. Turn on Live Photo mode for the most versatile shots

Live Photo Mode is a really cool feature that was introduced in iOS 11. It records an additional few seconds of video and audio before the photo is taken. The result? You can capture more than just a still image! You can even go back a frame if, for example, somebody has their eyes closed in a group photo.

Whilst Live Photos don't take up as much space on your phone, it's worth noting that they're not compatible with all social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram until you convert them into GIFs.


We hope you find these 6 tips helpful in capturing some fantastic summer photos! Photography can take a great deal of time and patience so don't be discouraged if you don't get it right the first time. Keep shooting and be open to learning new techniques, stick with it and we are sure your photos will come out great!

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Article Posted: 24/08/2021 15:12:59

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