We Can Frame Anything – Well Almost! From boxing gloves to champagne bottles, bike saddles and Only Fools and Horses memorabilia, there isn't much that we can't handle at Easy Frame. We know that no two framing jobs are the same, and we have seen some pretty unique pieces over the years
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We Can Frame Anything – Well Almost!

From boxing gloves to champagne bottles, bike saddles and Only Fools and Horses memorabilia, there isn't much that we can't handle at Easy Frame. We know that no two framing jobs are the same, and we have seen some pretty unique pieces over the years! However, that does beg the question ... what have been EasyFrame’s greatest creations and just how have we done it? With guidance from our customers, we know that some items can be a little more challenging to frame than others... but hey, we love a challenge!

Picture Frames and Mounts

Capturing your memories in a beautifully mounted picture frame can really bring your home to life. Whether it is a photo, picture, or a piece of art that your child has made a school, we can design frames that perfectly compliment the art piece whilst bringing harmony to every detail on your chosen feature wall.

When entering a room with thoughtfully selected framed pictures, you will not only feel confident in what you are viewing, but also, feel a sense of pride knowing that your visitors will greatly appreciate your unique choices.

A picture frame quite often requires as much thought as the artwork which is why we must select frames made of high-quality materials that suit the overall layout of the room. The downside to not giving this enough thought is that it won't make the impact you desire.

Box Frames

Our customers take great pride in their prized possessions and they love nothing more than showing them off in a beautiful box frame. Be it special photos, treasured keepsakes, sports collectables or memorabilia, there isn't a lot that we haven't seen. However, it does make you wonder, what's the best way to create a unique display of your favourite things when they appear too thick to fit inside a standard picture frame?

Our Box frames or picture frames with an internal box are the perfect solution when an item needs more depth than a normal picture frame. A box frame is ideal because they are fitted with a spacer between the glazing and the backing. Items that are perfect for showcasing are examples like signed football shirts, cricket bats, clay prints of your child's hands, a beautiful collage of your favourite family holidays, mementoes or even your great grandfather's prized war medals. Don't hideaway your priced collections in your wardrobe, with a little bit of creativity, you will be able to commemorate your life achievements and bring them to the forefront.

Let’s See Some Examples

framed drum sticks

This is a fantastic piece that we did for a customer that really gets that wow factor! This drumstick belonging to Paul Bostaph from the band Slayer. Along with the drumstick, there is also a fantastic artwork along with 3 plectrums. This was all framed with ArtGlass which offers protection and reduced reflection.

We were delighted with how this framed artwork came out. We believe it is not only eye catching to the viewer, but also the way in which the frame has been constructed really brings everything together nicely.

Although it was initially a challenge to put everything together in the right way, we were delighted with the result. It was also a bonus that our customer was thrilled and now they proudly hang this in their home.

Do you need a special piece of artwork framing? Feel free to reach out to us at www.easyframe.co.uk or give us a call 01234856501

framed letter from the Queen

It’s lovely to see some of our centinory creations that our customers have asked for come to life. We love nothing more than framing these telegraphs from the queen using a lovely gold frame from 4walls by Larson-Juhl UK and glazed using Artglass by Groglass to reduce the reflection and offer UV protection.

We were particlarly pleased with how this piece came together and we woulkd love to do the same for any customer who would like to do something similar.

framed tower of london poppy

The Tower of London Poppies are one of our favourite things to frame. We have a beautiful range of frames that are specifically designed and tailored to the frame the Tower of London Remembrance Ceramic Poppies.

You can buy kits online to frame your own Tower of London Poppy. Available in Dark Brown, White or Black, and three different layout designs, these particular frames will completely enclose your poppy inside the frame.

broken bike

Finally, a framing job that we were happy we didn't have to do. A longtime customer was competing in a road race using his brand new(very expensive) race bike. The result of a deer running across the race track and the subsequent collision is clear to see in this photo.

Initially the slightly bruised cyclist wanted the broken bike framed so it could be displayed as a reminder. Unfortunately(or possibly fortunately for us), the insurance company needed the broken bicycle returned before settling the claim. We still have no idea how it could have been framed.

We are happy to create similar pieces like this to mark any kind of anniversary. If you feel like you want to have something similar created then please contact us by visiting our website www.easyframe.co.uk or give us a call on 01234856501.

Article Posted: 20/03/2020 12:26:47

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