Tips For Displaying Art In Your Kitchen The kitchen is a wonderful area to add some aesthetic interest, as it is generally the location of tantalizing aromas, sparkling talk, and tasty dishes.
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Tips For Displaying Art In Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is a wonderful area to add some aesthetic interest, as it is generally the location of tantalizing aromas, sparkling talk, and tasty dishes.

This is why it's an ideal location to display your favourite pieces of art or some stylish things that you use on a daily basis.

We'll show you how art can serve as a focal point for your space while also being practical by giving you some tips on how to display art in your kitchen without taking up too much countertop or cabinet space.

Put some photos up on your kitchen worktop

Why not utilize this area to showcase some of your favourite items if your worktop starts and finishes at a wall? Displaying artwork against the wall in your kitchen can make the place seem more intimate and cosier. Carefully place things away from where your stove and sink are so they don't get damaged.

Put art on your wall

If you are short on counter space, try putting art above the kitchen cabinets. This is a great way to display some pieces that use visual impact or small things like mugs and coasters. Again, be careful of where you put art in the kitchen, so it doesn't get damaged whilst cooking.

Tabletop art

Don't forget about using tabletop art when decorating your kitchen with beautiful artful objects. Get creative with this one—if there's room for something interesting at eye level between two windows or under an overhead cupboard/cabinet then go ahead and add something unique such as a trio of paintings or even three teacups displayed together. Everything can become better art when it's artfully displayed.

Small things are important

When it comes to art and putting it in your house, scale is always a major factor to think about. A little piece of art may make the same statement as a big one. Try framing a tiny piece of art or photograph in an enormous mount like an 8 x10 frame to give it some presence in your room - you might even add a picture light for extra emphasis.

The advantages of using shelves

For art that you don't want to put on the wall, another alternative is using shelves. Shelves are an easy way to display art in your kitchen without having it take up counter space or be hung from a wire.

Another option for artful shelving would be stacking items like plates and books together - this creates visual interest while also adding some warmth through colour. The key here is not just throwing art onto any old shelf but instead thinking about how the design will look when everything's finished to ensure it looks intentional rather than haphazardly scattered around your kitchen.

Consider the colour of your shelving units in the kitchen. Why not use your shelves to add some colour to a bright and bold kitchen, or go for a muted hue if the rest of your space is clean and crisp? This difference will really draw people's attention to your display.

How your art can translate to your overall kitchen design

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When you're decorating artfully with kitchen art, consider how it can tie into the rest of your space. For example, if you have a rustic kitchen then using art that has an old-world feel will be more in line with the style and colour palette of your kitchen.

If there are any particularly strong colour themes within your art or home décor as a whole, try to use art on shelves to enhance them rather than just throwing something up randomly because it looks nice. Curate some pretty pieces together so they fit nicely into each other's spaces!

Make sure not to block important natural light sources when placing artwork - this is especially relevant for kitchens that often rely on their windows for illumination during the day.

Group your favourite pieces together

If you have a dining area in your kitchen, place the pieces somewhere near it – just make sure they are high enough so that people don't knock into the frames when they are taking a seat at the table.

Before you begin pounding nails into your walls, lay your prints or art on the floor to visualise the arrangement before you hang it all on the wall. This gives you more freedom to move things about and get it just right - without having to reposition your picture hooks on the wall.

Grids and rows

Grids and rows are a common art display choice that can work well in kitchens. This is because they tie together art pieces of different shapes and sizes, creating a nice even line down the wall.

Try grouping your art into two-by-two lines to give off an organised feel or make use of bigger spaces by using larger grids with three artworks lined up across each other for something more striking.

Kitchen Appliances are another way to be creative

There are some fantastic striking and structural kitchen equipment available that may be used as decorative items in your kitchen, and they come in a variety of colours - ideal for breaking up the monotony of your white-based kitchen.

Also, consider using art as a way to cover up the kitchen appliances that you might not be able to hideaway. For example, if your fridge is particularly large and aesthetically unpleasing have it covered with art – just make sure nobody stands in front of it.

Turn your kitchen into your main artwork

If you pick your cabinets and doors with care, they can combine to form a coherent and monolithic design that might be called art in its own right. Select a light-coloured paint for the walls and dark wood for the cabinets (such as cherry or mahogany) to create contrast. Also, remember to conceal your clutter by putting things away.

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Article Posted: 23/11/2021 15:06:24

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