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Interior Design and Picture Frame Trends 2014

If you’re redecorating this year and you feel the need to be bang on trend, there are all kinds of up and coming styles in the interior design world for 2014. Whether you’re completely redesigning a new room, or just changing your upholstery and wall-hangings, you can take inspiration from this year’s popular trends, from colours and patterns to more over-arching motifs and themes.

Blue is the Colour

Everyone says that blues are in this year. From cobalt and royal blue, down to the greener end of things with turquoise, blue is the bold colour being used with abandon. Though powder and baby blues perhaps aren’t going to be quite as popular, it won’t all be dark and bright hues, with some subtler shades making an appearance too. Blue picture frames are great for adding colourful accents against lighter shades, which is fantastic as bright accent colours are in this year too. Don’t go overboard with blue though, as too much of it in a dark shade can make you feel blue and too much of a lighter blue can make a room feel cold without warmer colours surrounding it.

Keep it Simple

In a world where the maximum amount of information needs to be presented in the quickest way, simplicity has become popular in several different industries, including web and print design, marketing and fashion. Giving a simple look to your home says that you can produce maximum impact without going all-out. You don’t need to pull out all the bells and whistles for an impressive interior. Fewer colours and textures, along with added subtle details can look just as good, and you avoid everything clashing and looking like a mess of too many ideas.

Full of Brass

If there can be a metal of the season, then brass is it. The brass trend probably ties into the popularity of vintage decor, which has been around for a while now and doesn’t seem to be going away. Bronze picture frames give a nice antique look and they don’t even need to be real metal – wooden frames with a metallic finish look brilliant too. Bronze has something of a classy, but rough around the edges look to it. It’s a warm metallic that avoids giving a room the cold and minimal look that some lighter metals can.

Light and Natural Woods

Lighter, more natural woods are making a comeback. In both furniture and fixtures lighter woods are being favoured over ones with darker or more colourful finishes. This is good news if you’re looking to frame some art, because natural-looking woods are perfect for a lot of different looks, particularly if you’re going for a more rustic or minimal feel.

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