Types of Picture Frames: Your Options Are you looking for an elegant picture frame to compliment a treasured family photo? A display box to keep your most treasured items? We know that a picture is worth a thousand words and we want to make sure that your photos or artwork really stand o
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Types of Picture Frames: Your Options

Are you looking for an elegant picture frame to compliment a treasured family photo? A display box to keep your most treasured items? We know that a picture is worth a thousand words and we want to make sure that your photos or artwork really stand out! At EasyFrame we have dedicated the last twenty-five years to bringing our customers the most beautiful picture frames on the market today at affordable prices. As the UK's favorite Picture Framer we take pride in all of the work we do and offer many different options for all of our customer's needs. Our services allow you to upload your pictures onto our website, where they are then printed, framed and sent out to you in just three business days! From floating digital canvas prints to decorative swept picture frames, EasyFrame has exactly what you need to make your photographs pop. We make made to measure picture frames, easy! Find out more below about our different frame options, so you can make the best √framed√ decision for your work of art.

EasyFrame's Picture Frames

Selecting a photograph to show off your artistic tastes or pictures of your friends and family, is one of the many ways to add a personal touch to any home's decor. Choosing the correct picture frame or canvas is just as important as the picture itself in most cases. The proper picture frame allows any photograph or work of art stand out from the rest of the wall. Don't let your pictures or art get looked over by choosing the wrong picture frame or worse no picture frame! Let us help you decide the perfect frame for your picture or work of art. At EasyFrame, you are able to choose the exact size, style, color, and material of frame to suit your style and specifications. If you are considering getting a frame and mount combination for your work of art or photo, here are some basic steps to help you choose the right option for you. On our website, you will be able to enter specific measurements to insure the correct mount and frame.

Mounts: What They Are and Do You Need Them?

Mounts are the colored area the surrounds the inside of your picture frame, as well as, artfully displaying your work of art. While mounts are optional and not all picture frames need them, it is recommended to have a mount to make your art stand out and more and also because it can assist in conserving the artwork from the glaze. A mount is not recommended for oil paintings, or art that will be framed without glazing.

At EasyFrame you can choose a single mounted frame, double mounted frame, different colors for your mount as well as width and size. If you need further information about picure frame mounts, we suggest you take a look at this page.

Picture Frames Types and Styles

EasyFrame stocks over 500 different picture frames for you to choose from to showcase your picture in! With so many different options, we know that you will be able to find the perfect frame for you. For prices, sizes, colors, and material options you can visit our website and start putting in your specific measurements. Watch this video, to see how easy it is to select and order a picture frame. They don't call us EasyFrame for nothing!

More Products to Make Your Pictures Look Amazing

While we offer hundreds of elegant and sophisticated frames to showcase your art, we also are able to offer various canvas, box, multi-aperture, and swept frames for our customers. Find out how you can add these one of a kind pieces to your home.


You don't have to be Van Gogh to create works of art on canvas anymore! This ancient art form is made easy at EasyFrame with our canvas print service. You can get your favorite images printed straight onto canvas, giving them life and texture. Canvas prints also make for a wonderful gift for Mother's day or are a perfect way to show off your wedding photographs.

Multi Aperture Picture Frames

At EasyFrame, we make it easy to upload multiple pictures that are based around the same theme, select the perfect framing solution, and design the layout of your dreams! We happily print and frame your images according to the specification you give us in your order. A few days later, you will be able to hang this personal and unique piece of art in your home.

Box Display Frames

Do you need a chic way to show off your memorabilia, collectors' items, or treasured keepsakes? Box Frames, which are essentially picture frames with an internal box, are the perfect solution for showing off such items. The box frame allows you to show off special items instead of having to store them away out of sight. Use your creativity and make a display you can be proud of, when you order from EasyFrame.

Swept And Decorative Frames

Swept Picture Frames, also known as closed corner frames, give the impression that the frame was made using just one piece of wood. These frames are usually ornate and created to make fine artwork stand out. We offer an extensive range of decorative swept picture frames in: Black, White, Ivory, Silver, Gold, and Walnut.

EasyFrames' for You

Whether you need a quick gift for the holidays, want to show off Grandpa's service medals, or want to showcase a piece of art you picked up at a flea market, EasyFrame makes it easy to choose the perfect frame for you! For over two decades we have seen our customers keep coming back and that's because they know they can expect exceptional work that is both quick and affordable. With turnaround time as fast as 3 business days and free shipping on qualifying orders, we know that you will be satisfied with our products. Browse through our impressive catalog, of over more than 500 different frame options to get started on creating your masterpiece. We can't wait to start sharing our affordable and beautiful products with you!

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