EasyFrame, Your High Quality Picture Frame Headquarters Technically speaking, a picture frame is simply a wooden or metal edging that encases an image, photograph, or piece of artwork along with a backing. Most modern frames also contain a piece of glass, plexiglass, or acrylic glazing to protect the imag
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EasyFrame, Your High Quality Picture Frame Headquarters

Technically speaking, a picture frame is simply a wooden or metal edging that encases an image, photograph, or piece of artwork along with a backing. Most modern frames also contain a piece of glass, plexiglass, or acrylic glazing to protect the image held by the frame. In practice, however, a picture frame is really just a way to complement and show off your artwork. The trick is to find the perfect picture frame.

Why Should I Buy a High Quality Picture Frame?

While it's a common distinction that a picture is worth a thousand words, here at EasyFrame we know that the images and artwork you choose to display can mean much more than that. In our current culture of digital images and online photo albums, buying a picture frame means that you want to display something that really appeals to you. Now, that appeal can be aesthetic, cultural, or emotional, but whether you are looking to frame a classic art print, a drawing of your favorite fictional character, or photographs of your friends and family, the artwork you choose to frame means something to you. A high quality picture frame can help you display and protect any type of image so that it will last a lifetime and retain its monetary or sentimental value.

But the best picture frames do more than simply protect and display your artwork. The right picture frame and the right choice of mount can actually improve the aesthetic appeal of your displayed images. By choosing complementary or contrasting colours and combining them with the right materials and styles, you can take a great image and turn it into a true display piece.

What Are the Elements of a High Quality Picture Frame?

This is not an easy question to answer. So many different companies and other websites promise you quality and very cheap prices. Our experience is that you either get good quality or a good price from our competitors, but not both. We want to help you understand what it means to us when you say the term 'high quality' about picture frames.

Picture Frame Material

There are plenty of low quality frames available for purchase, and they are typically made from cheap particleboard or plastic. The best frames - like those sold by EasyFrame - are made from high quality wood or metal. These materials are stronger than their cheap counterparts, which allows them to last far longer.

Picture Frame Colour and Style

High quality frames are specially designed to maintain their colouring over time. They resist fading, chipping, and other common problems associated with cheap frames. Generally speaking, picture frames are available in a wide range of colours and styles so that you can find the perfect frame to display your art. Light and dark woods, bright solid colours, and metallic finishes are just a few of the colour options available to you.

Take the time to find colours and styles that enhance your images rather than detracting from them. Unfortunately, the wrong colour or style choice can pull attention away from the artwork and focus attention of the frame itself. A good rule of thumb is to choose frame colours that work with both your room's colour scheme and the artwork being displayed. For colorful pieces of art, you should probably consider a neutrally colored frame - black, white, ivory, silver, etc. Black and white photos and monochromatic artwork, on the other hand, may benefit from more colourful frame choices.

Picture Frame Mount

To mount or not to mount? That is the question.

Okay, okay. For many people the first question is actually: what is a photo mount? A mount is a coloured surround that offsets the actual photo or artwork from the picture frame it is displayed in. Mounts are typically used to add additional visual interest to a displayed image. You can choose to frame your images without a mount, with a single mount, or with a double mount (two layered colours).

So, back to our original question: to mount or not to mount? Well, that's up to you. Mounting an image will increase the size of frame needed, but it can also greatly improve the visual appeal of the overall display. If you're unsure if mounting is right for your images, we encourage you to use our Picture Frame and Mount Preview Tool to help you find the perfect look for your images.

Picture Frame Glazing

Glazing - commonly referred to as picture frame glass - is the clear, protective front that covers your artwork, and it is essential for most framing work. There are, however, a few types of artwork that should be framed without glazing. These types of artwork may include original oil paintings and other textured artwork.

High quality glazing, like that used by EasyFrame, is far more than a simple piece of glass or a cheap piece of styrene plastic, though. We use specially designed acrylic and plexiglas to help protect your images from UV damage. Some of our glazings also offer increased break resistance and anti-reflective properties to better protect and display your images.

Why Should I Choose EasyFrame For My Picture Frame Needs?

While there are many reasons to choose us, we thought it would help to outline a few for you. Here at EasyFrame, we want to make sure that every picture frame you buy is exactly what you want and need for displaying the images you love. Our wide selection, custom sizing, and fast dispatch help us to do just that.

Best Quality for the Cheapest Price

We move a lot of inventory when it comes to picture frames. Why does that matter to you? We can create and buy materials for a big discount. The more we buy, the better the deal we can get. We pass those savings on to you, our valued customers. You might ask why we don't just make bigger margins and more profit from that. We think about our customers first. If you can get a killer price for a high quality frame, chances are, you'll come back and buy from us again. In this way, we both win. You get the good deal and we got to move some more picture frame mounts.

Wide Selection

We offer around 500 different picture frame styles for you to choose from. And because we offer such a wide range of moulding styles, we are able to offer frames for any budget. From simple and narrow to wide and ornate, we have exactly what you need to complement your artwork.

Custom Sizing

The artwork you want to display is unique, so your frames should be unique, too. Our custom sizing allows us to offer you picture frames and mounts that are made to the exact measurements you need. Don't settle for 'standard frame sizes' when you can have the perfect frame size! You should be aware, however, that some of our thin wooden mouldings are only available up to a certain size because they become too fragile for use in larger sizes.

Fast Dispatch

Many custom framing companies take weeks to get you what you need, but our custom built frames are generally dispatched to you in just 1-3 working days, and we offer free delivery over 50.00 Exc VAT (exclusions apply).

So, what are you waiting for? Let's work together to get you the best price and the perfect picture frame today!

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