Susan Birth, Mixed Media Artist

Easyframe always welcome feedback from artists and photographers, and here we profile the work of Susan Birth – a long standing customer of ours.

For more information about Susan’s artwork you can visit here website www.susanbirth.com or visit her on Instagram: @susanbirth

Susan creates vibrant mixed media artwork, mainly semi-abstract landscape and still life but also the occasional floral adventure. She makes bold use of colour and pattern to create impactful and intriguing images.

Susan Birth Image 1

She uses various combinations of acrylic paint, ink, gouache, charcoal, pastels, etc. often incorporating collage, aiming to make a striking first impression and then continue to spark interest through use of colour, shape, movement, texture and overall composition. Self-expression through art has always been an important part of Susan’s life and she loves experimenting with new media and techniques.

“I’ve used the EasyFrame service for a few years now for my custom frames. It’s great! You just measure your work, choose mounts and frames, and place your order. You can even upload an image of your work onto the site and select various mounts and frames to see what looks best. You get several pre-delivery alerts and the goods arrive carefully packed within a few days. Included in the price of each mount + frame are: the mount, the frame, premium acrylic glazing, backing board, fixings and cord. I find that the products are of good quality and easy to handle. Customer service is very good with quick response times.”

Susan Birth Image 2
Susan Birth Image 3

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