Summer Staycation Memories Many of our customers have contacted EasyFrame over the last few months looking for custom made picture frames as they want to find a way to preserve their precious staycation highlights and memories. And we have been more than happy to oblige!
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Summer Staycation Memories

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Many of our customers have contacted EasyFrame over the last few months looking for custom made picture frames as they want to find a way to preserve their precious staycation highlights and memories. And we have been more than happy to oblige!

So, what has caused this sudden increase in popularity in staycations, and what is the best way to preserve those brilliant family memories so you can look back on them for years to come? Have a read of this article and you will find out how:

When did staycations become popular?

Not want to offend the purist and before we go much further, I feel it’s important to address the terminology. A “Staycation” to me is when you decide to stay at home and have a break as opposed to going away. Going away and staying at another location be it in the UK or abroad is a holiday.

I digressed, so when did staying at home or holidaying within the UK become popular? Well, this may seem quite an obvious one, you only have to have a look back at 2020 to see how much the coronavirus epidemic has impacted our everyday lives. From not being able to see our friends and family, to changes to our usual shopping habits and our ability to be able to travel freely - has certainly forced us to rethink how we go about doing things that we used to take for granted.

Although lockdown restrictions have started to ease off to some degree, there is still a lot of uncertainty around international travel and so more and more of us have opted to keep our holidays a little closer to home (keeping our holidays in the UK) However, this isn't the only reason why staycations have had an increase in popularity:

  • The main reason why so many of us are opting for the staycation type holiday is that our travel options are severely limited. Although during the time of writing this article (July 1st, 2021) more and more countries have been added to the government green list, people within the travel industry are indicating that travel disruption could stay in place for a year at least! Even if we are allowed to travel, there will be an increase in waiting times, prices of holidays will go through the roof so the industry can start to recoup some of the money lost and numbers being allowed into attractions will be limited... Doesn't sound like a lot of fun, does it?
  • Now holidays are essential for breaking up our lives, whilst at the same time, it allows us to recharge our batteries and prevent us from burning out. Booking a staycation and experiencing something you wouldn't usually do is actually a really positive thing to do, and it will give you and the rest of your family something that you can countdown the weeks to.
  • Stress levels have been tested for many of us over the last year, considering we have had to come to grips with balancing working from home and home-schooling. This is why it is important to have a change of scenery and not just take a week off of work to catch up on chores around the house. Booking a family staycation should be a great way to escape without breaking government restrictions.
  • Over the last year, we have all got used to taking things away from our lives rather than adding to them, so we have to get used to the fact that our holidays are going to follow a similar principle. There will be less going out, less sightseeing, less time spent in pubs and bars and less visiting of restaurants. However, with a little bit of forward planning, you can still have lots of fun - even if this type of holiday is at a slower pace compared to what you are usually used to.

#1 Ornaments and Jars

So, the usual story goes that your children have spent hours on the beachfront having lots of fun whilst collecting precious mementoes like sand, rocks and seashells which they cannot bear to get rid of. They assure you they will treasure them; however, they usually end up at the back of the wardrobe or left to gather dust on the bathroom windowsill. Why not help them turn these treasured objects into something special?

Try filling a mason jar with all of the things you have bought back from your staycation and then label them with a picture of where you collected them from such as Cornwall, Devon North Wales or wherever! In years to come when your children look at it, it will take them back to that happy family holiday in no time.

#2 A themed Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are one of the best ways to display pictures in customised photo frames online - and having a theme, such as travel, is a fantastic way to take the viewer on a journey and create interest. Not only does it create something special for visitors to look at, but it also is a great way to keep the memories alive and spark conversations about what you did on that day. Remember, you don't have to just use photos within your gallery wall, have a think about those precious mementoes you collected from the beach... these will work a treat!

#3 Journaling

This, we are sure of is something that you have no doubt heard of before, but nonetheless, it has stood the test of time - pick up a pen and paper and start journaling about your travels. Travellers journals are really easy to get your hands on, and you can purchase one for each trip you go on. Failing that, you can purchase one giant journal and fill it with all of your holiday memories. The journals aren't necessarily just for writing either, consider sticking things in it such as ticket stubs and pictures that will help keep the memories alive.

#4 Using postcards to create memories

Yes, that's right... remember postcards? Those things we used to use before the era of instant messenger, WhatsApp and Facebook? Some people believe that postcards are old fashioned, but we believe they still have an element of romance about them. You can either use them the correct way and send them to your friends and family, or you can stick them into a scrapbook alongside images and notes to keep the memories fresh.

#5 Framing a map

Similar to the gallery wall idea, you may also want to consider having a map framed of your favourite staycation destination whilst having family pictures pinned. It's a great way to get all of the family involved and can lead to a truly unique beautiful display.

Final Thoughts

I think we all agree that the last 18months have tested our resolve but on the positive side we have had an opportunity to create memories that we can cherish, and our children’s children can laugh about.

At Easyframe we are in the business on capturing memories and presenting them in a way that can be enjoyed.

You can contact EasyFrame on 01234 856 501 and / or and they'll always chat even if you don't want to buy!

Article Posted: 05/07/2021 09:33:08

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