Expert Tips for Photography Framing The new year has begun, which means it's time to make those resolutions! If you've ever tried to keep to your New Year's resolutions before you'll know that it's not easy, but at EasyFrame we reckon the trick to it lies in setting realistic, manageab
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Expert Tips for Photography Framing

The new year has begun, which means it's time to make those resolutions! If you've ever tried to keep to your New Year's resolutions before you'll know that it's not easy, but at EasyFrame we reckon the trick to it lies in setting realistic, manageable and enjoyable goals. Now's the time, in other words, to pick up a creative project.

If you received a good quality camera for Christmas, or if you've simply been meaning to do more with your photography, now's the time to seize the day. To brush up on your skills, you can visit our blog and browse our various guides to taking excellent photos.

Of course, if you've already mastered your photography skills, then why not take a few new shots, revisit old collections of photos, and start getting some images printed and framed' Not every photo you've taken will be worth a place on your wall, but there's something incredibly special about putting your own work in a frame for everybody to enjoy - particularly if it captures a special memory.

There's no hard and fast rule when it comes to photography framing, but if you're looking for a few pointers, read on for a straightforward guide. And remember, you don't have to frame your own photos! Get in on the act by supporting a local photographer, or ordering a print of your favourite vintage shot.

Research your options

It can be tempting to over-simplify the framing process by simply buying the first well-priced frame you see. But if you want to do justice to your photograph, take some time researching what's available, and what kinds of options you have.

The cheapest option is always to buy a pre-made frame and to insert the photograph yourself. The upside to this is that you will save money and time. The downside' Cheap frames tend to look more amateur, and the photograph may not be properly fitted to the frame.

At the other end of the price spectrum is a framing shop, where you can let a professional take over. The upsides of this are that your photograph will be properly measured and fitted to the frame, and that ultimately the finished frame will have an expensive, professional finish. The downsides' Professional framing tends to come with a large price tag and can take a long time, so it's not ideal if you have a tight deadline to meet (e.g. a birthday).

For the best of both worlds, try using the services of EasyFrame, where you can tailor your picture frame and picture mount to the precise specifications of your photograph. Our custom-made frames come with acrylic glazing, which helps to prevent UV damage, and are dispatched within three days. We can also offer an excellent midway price point, for customers on a budget who can't afford a framing shop.

Choose a frame that complements the image

This may seem like an obvious point, but it's easy to forget that a frame's aesthetic appeal is largely irrelevant unless it complements the image. Fun, novelty frames can be great - but if you're framing a really special shot, make sure it isn't overshadowed by what's going on around it.

Typically, photographs work best in simple frames where the frame itself is relatively narrow and flat. White, black, or natural wooden finishes will work well with any colours within your photograph, although an understated metallic frame can also be effective. A little bit of texture, for example some subtle bevelling on the frame, can look fantastic with the right image - particularly one which contains its own textural features - but try not to overdo it.

Usually, ornate gilded or carved decorative frames aren't suited to photographs, as they can draw attention away from the image. But ultimately, the decision is up to you. Just remember to take your time and weigh up the different styles available before you make a final decision.

Don't forget the mount!

The picture mounting stage of this process is in many ways the most important, and yet for many people new to framing it won't be a top priority. With the perfect mount, a photograph can be transformed into a genuine work of art.

The two most important factors in perfecting your picture mount are; 1) correct sizing and 2) deciding on depth. Colour is also important, but typically you will want to choose a shade of white or cream. For sizing, make sure that you have the precise dimensions of your photograph so that the mount can be correctly made, and be aware that the very edges will be obscured; at EasyFrame our mounts are designed to overlap the image by a few millimetres on each side.

Deciding on the depth of your mount can be trickier, as it can be harder to visualise the finished effect. Ultimately, a thicker mount will allow for a deeper opening, with more distinct bevels, which can create a more striking visual effect; a thinner mount is usually more subtle. At EasyFrame we can supply two different mount depths: 1.5mm and 2mm.

Don't automatically go for glass

When it comes to choosing the glazing for your framed photograph you might assume that glass is your best option. The truth is that premium acrylic glazing offers higher light transmission qualities and better UV protection when compared to glass. It's also a safer option as it's not as breakable.

At EasyFrame we supply acrylic glazing as standard, with three types on offer, including an anti-reflective variety which is ideal for frames that may hang under bright lights.

Take your time with the hanging

If you've been careful picking out the perfect frame and mount for your photograph, then take your time choosing the perfect location and getting your frame on the wall. Consider things like light sources and heat sources, and try to go for an area of the room that isn't too busy or cluttered already. Make sure you have all the hanging equipment you will need, and rope in the help of someone else to stand opposite and check that everything's straight.

Lastly: don't forget to dust!

Article Posted: 11/03/2018 11:38:02

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