How To.. Fit a Canvas Board in an Inset Frame Instructions and video tutorial of of how to fit a canvas board into an inset frame
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How To.. Fit a Canvas Board in an Inset Frame

An inset frame is used to frame a canvas board around 3mm thick. The board is loaded into the front of the frame without any glazing in front of it.

Step 1

Inset frame fitting kit Open up your fitting kit and move to one side. In here you should find the Velcro pads, D rings & screws and picture cord. The correct amount will be supplied dependent on your inset frame size. The Foam pads in this image are only provided with canvas floater frames.

Step 2

Inset frame back of board Turn your MDF panel or board face down. Place the Velcro dots around each corner, if your board is bigger, you can spread them evenly down the length of your canvas. Then place the other half of your Velcro dots onto the ones you have stuck to your board/panel. Leaving the sticky side up. This is what will keep your board/panel in place when fitting into your inset frame.

Step 3

Isecuring board in inset frame Gently press down on each corner and the middle sections where the Velcro pads were to ensure they stick down!

Once this is done, flip the frame over and apply your hanging fixtures. Screw the D rings in around 1/3 of the way down the back of the frame on each side. Then tie the cord between each loop and itís all ready to hang!

Article Posted: 19/03/2023 12:03:10

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