Gift Ideas for Your Family from easyFrame Christmas, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, that summer wedding of an old school friend - for most of us, it seems like once we've got one gift-giving occasion out of the way, another rolls around within a matter of weeks. And while there's a h
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Gift Ideas for Your Family from easyFrame

Christmas, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, that summer wedding of an old school friend - for most of us, it seems like once we've got one gift-giving occasion out of the way, another rolls around within a matter of weeks. And while there's a huge amount of joy that can go into the selection of a perfect present, it can also cause a lot of unnecessary stress.

To try and ease the burden, the easyFrame team have put together a list of fantastic gift ideas that can be made possible with our affordable and versatile custom-made picture frames. Read on and you'll be the master of

gift-giving in no time...

Holiday Snaps in a Multi Aperture Frame

If you've recently taken a holiday with a friend or loved one, why not get some photos from the trip developed and use them as the basis for a gift? A selection of 30 or 40 prints can look great in an album (complete with fun captions) - or, alternatively, you can pick a handful of your absolute favourites, and arrange them in one of our multi aperture frames.

You can get all your photos printed in the same size, but if you have a range of different sizes and layouts, don't worry - at EzeFrame, you can customise the layout and dimensions of each aperture.

For ultimate ease, you can even upload your photos to easyFrame directly, and let us take care of the printing. Visit our Multi Aperture Print and Frame page to find out more.

Professional, Framed Photo Portraits

If you have kids, a gorgeous gift for your other half or their grandparents can be some professional shots of your little ones. Seek out a photographer with lots of experience shooting portraits of children (it requires very different skills from working with adults!) and choose one or two of the best to frame.

At easyFrame, you can enter the precise dimensions of the image you want framed, to ensure that it fits down to the last millimetre. We offer single and double mounts, which can also be customised to fit a specific size, and a wide range of frame styles, colours and finishes.

You may have thousands of photos of your children, but getting a professional portrait will capture one special moment in time and preserve it forever.

An Upcycled Vintage Frame

We'd all like to spend less money, create less waste, and generally do more to help out the environment - so why not get creative with your next Christmas or birthday gift and upcycle an old frame?

Take a root around in your attic or basement - or, alternatively, raid your local charity shop - and see if you can locate an old picture frame that, with a bit of TLC, could be transformed into something chic and modern. Many old picture frames are sturdily built, and embellished with gorgeous rococo detailing.

You can upcycle your chosen frame in a number of different ways, but sanding it down and giving it a lick of paint in a bright colour is the simplest and cheapest method. Once it's finished, all you have to do is pick out the perfect image to go inside. Don't forget that we offer a picture mount service, where you can enter the precise dimensions

of your image and select the perfect single or double mount in your chosen shade.

Framed Artwork

If you have an artist in the family, or if you're a budding Van Gogh yourself, then a framed painting can make for the perfect gift. At easyFrame, we can supply custom-made frames for flat images such as drawings or watercolours. But we also sell custom-made canvas frames, which are ideal for housing paintings.

Whether you're sneakily sorting a frame for a painting done by your significant other, or creating your own masterpiece to share with a loved one, getting it framed will be the least of your worries. If the painting is on a wrapped canvas (i.e. the artwork continues on the sides of the canvas) then check out our Canvas Floater Frames; this style of frame allows the entirety of the painting to be seen, and gives it the appearance of "floating" within the frame. If the painting is on a stretched canvas, and would sit well in a normal frame (i.e. not floating) try one of our Canvas Picture Frames.

Framed Memorabilia

When you think of framing something, the first things that come to mind are photos and posters - but what about a football shirt? A 3D cast of your children's handprints? Sun-bleached shells from a tropical beach holiday? Or even some artfully arranged dried flowers and wooden lettering?

With easyFrame's customisable box frames, you can create your own textured work of art, frame a beloved possession, or help commemorate a life event with something more 3D than a photo. Our box frames can be made to your precise height and width dimensions, and offer an inner depth of between 30mm and 57mm.

The Finishing Touches?

Whatever style of framed gift you end up giving to your friend or loved one, just remember that it can be the little details that transform a fun present into a truly thoughtful and special gift. The beauty of gifting something in a frame is that you don't simply have to wrap it up and hand it over - you can actually choose a perfect spot, hang it, and when the moment comes, surprise the recipient by unveiling it!

The great thing about picture framing with easyFrame is that our ordering process includes the option to buy useful extras. You can select some brown kraft tape, which is useful for sealing the back of a frame; foamboard, which can pack out a frame or act as backing; and canvas clips, which help fit a stretched canvas into a picture frame.

The only thing you'll have to decide is where to hang your masterpiece, and whether or not you want to cover it with some fabric to make the "unveiling" even more of a surprise!

Article Posted: 23/04/2018 13:20:11

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