Framing Black & White Photos A black and white photo can take on so many different looks, depending on how it is framed. The framing of the photo will determine what impression it gives off to viewers and in this article, we explain and explore several different ways that you ca
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Framing Black & White Photos

A black and white photo can take on so many different looks, depending on how it is framed. The framing of the photo will determine what impression it gives off to viewers and in this article, we explain and explore several different ways that you can frame black and white images that make a great impression.

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Why black and white photos are great

Black and white photos are great for framing because they're timeless, more dramatic, and can be cropped to fit any space. They also allow the photo subject to stand out from a busy background while telling an emotional story that is told through subtlety rather than just colour.

With black and white photography, you don't need anything but a well-composed image in order to make it beautiful or eye-catching. If the photographer does their job correctly then your eyes will automatically go straight towards the centre of the frame where all of the important details should be.

What makes a good black and white photograph?

We often ask ourselves this question when we are looking at an old black and white photo that seems too dark to take a good picture. It is true, many photos can be improved by converting them into black and white, but it all depends on the subject matter of the photo.

Here's how you can tell if your photograph would benefit from being converted to black and white:

Is there more than one colour in the image? If so, then converting your photo to black and white might not work as well because too many colours will have been removed or reduced.

A really great example of this type of shot would be a sunset where reds, oranges and yellows are obvious - these could look fantastic in colour but disappointing once they're turned to black and white.

What emotions does black and white photography evoke?

Black and white photos definitely make a statement. It all comes down to the overall mood the artist/ photographer is trying to portray. Black and white photos can elicit a range of emotions. For instance, portraits in black and white are often perceived as more thoughtful than those that colour because it is often difficult to distinguish the subject's expression just by looking at their eyes.

Black and white photos are usually meant to be seen as more dramatic and serious than those that are in colour.

The use of black and white can also be a powerful way to make people stop, linger or pay attention to something. This is because it goes against the typical human instinct of seeing what we're used to seeing every day...colours!

How do you pick a suitable frame for black and white photos

• A classic feel

Choosing a black mat with white or off-white detailing is the perfect way to create an everlasting look that will never go out of style. If you are looking for something bolder and more modern, try pairing your photos in a lighter neutral colour surrounded by an elegant silver picture frame.

When it comes to black and white photos, there’s a lot more than just the standard grayscale. For something darker, try stormy grey or charcoal matting for your pictures instead of traditional dark grey.

• Think about your existing décor

Consider your existing decor when you are framing your photos. If it's a vibrant space with a lot of colour and pattern, consider using frames that echo this by being colourful or featuring geometric patterns.

If it's a more traditional setting, such as in a lounge or dining room area where there are mostly neutral colours and minimal design on the walls, use simple shapes to frame the photos - square or rectangular frames for those kinds of spaces work brilliantly. By following these principles, it will help tie together different pieces of furniture and bring focus back to what matters... The pictures!

• Splash some colour

A lot of the time, people like to create a contrast against their black and white photos by adding a splash of colour. This could be done with materials, objects in the background or even flowers.

You can use a range of different colours to stand out against the monochrome images. For instance, oranges and yellows really jump out well against black and white photos.

If you want something more subtle then try pastels like blush pink which is also great as it doesn't clash too much with other photographic elements of the photo such as costumes or props that you can pick out of your image.

A summary of framing black and white art

Framing your favourite black and white photos can be a great way to commemorate an event or showcase some of your best work. Framed with the right matting, these moments will last for years as beautiful pieces in which you’ll always take pride in.

At Easyframe we are in the business of framing the mood you capture and presenting them in a way that can be enjoyed.

You can contact EasyFrame on 01234 856 501 and / or and they'll always chat even if you don't want to buy!

Article Posted: 07/07/2021 08:14:19

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