Frame Academy XII Now, to round off the series, in 'Frame Academy XII' we are going to look at the chief options that should be available to customers if they go to a leading framers like EasyFrame.
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Frame Academy XII

By Paul Dunwell, writing for EasyFrame
Copyright EasyFrame 2019

shaped picture frames

The Art Of Picture Framing

In 'Frame Academy I' we provided a run-down of essential terminology as a prelude to further 'Frame Academy' pieces that have been spanning more complex aspects of the dark art of picture-framing.

In 'Frame Academy II' we gave you a step-by-step idiot's guide to picture framing. It served, alternatively, as a resource to help you understand the processes involved if you go to a 3rd party to have your frames made to your specifications.

In 'Frame Academy III' we ambitiously explained how to gild a frame and add an ostentatious touch to framed work that is already precious to you.

In 'Frame Academy IV' we retraced our steps a little and asked: 'Why would anybody bother with a frame?' And 'With so many options to choose from, what sort of framing solution should I be looking for?'

In 'Frame Academy V' we examined interesting things to do with old picture-frames.

In 'Frame Academy VI' we explained how to choose mat and moulding colours in the context of the work to be framed and the surroundings in which the framed work is to be hung

In 'Frame Academy VII' we outlined how to hang a large and/or heavy artwork.

In 'Frame Academy VIII' we focused on hanging your picture at the correct height.

In 'Frame Academy IX' we told you how to hang pictures on the stairs so that they look well-arranged.

In 'Frame Academy X', we looked at picture-rails.

In 'Frame Academy XI', the penultimate article in this series, we asked ourselves 'Are there any unspoken rules about frames that make them work?'

Now, to round off the series, in 'Frame Academy XII' we are going to look at the chief options that should be available to customers if they go to a leading framers like EasyFrame.

Narrowing Down Your Choice

A picture may well be worth a thousand words. And EasyFrame needs about a thousand words simply to list, using one word per item, the vast range of mouldings that it needs to stock in order to supply every imaginable demand for customers who need everything from wee tabletop frames to whopping big solutions that occupy entire walls.

But, that said, we can narrow down the search by popping frames into broad categories. So let's do that, though these will not be exhaustive.

Types of Frames

Essentially you can choose from floating frames, standard frames, swept (aka 'close corner') frames, decorative frames, shadow box frames (box frames have an internal depth which is great for encasing objects that are very 3-dimensional) and multi-aperture frames. Most are snap-on or slide-in solutions. But with EasyFrame if you spot something different you can always show it to them and ask if they can do it. Usually the answer will be 'yes' because they won't want to be outdone by anyone else. It's a pride thing!

Frame Shapes

You name it and EasyFrame can pretty certainly make it. So that would include square and rectangular frames as well as circular and oval frames. Anything regular (where angles can be calculated and cut precisely) is easy-peasy for a company with all the kit. But non-rectilinear frames (e.g. heart-shaped or more complex), something of a novelty, are also possible where the tools are in the hands of experts.

shaped picture frames

Frame Materials

You can have canvas, plastics or wood (using new or reclaimed woods as well as composites) together with various metals. Ceramic frames are also available. Gilding can be organised too, and not just using gold leaf. There are other metallic possibilities.

Frame Sizes

Standard sizes are (in inches) 4x6, 5x7, 6x8, 5x10, 8x8, 8x10, 10x12, 11x14, 12x15, 16x20 and 20x24. For the metric equivalents simply multiply all figures by 2.5 to get approximate (but pretty accurate) sizes.

Frame Colours

The most obvious go-to colours for frames are black, white, ivory, silver, gold and walnut (as well as a range of paler or darker hard and soft woods). But certainly other colours are available. And the mat, or mounting board used below and around artwork within the confines of the frame, can be almost every colour imaginable. Remember that you can use more than one sheet of mounting board in contrasting colours that should work with both the frame and the framed item(s).

Frame Textures

Most people go for frames that have bevelled, plain or beaded edges. You can ask for a range of finishes including 'distressed' (which is very trendy; the equivalent of having holes in your jeans!)

21st Century Technology Allows You to Preview Your Frame Mouldings Before You Order

It is now entirely possible, if you intend to buy from a really capable framer that owns the technology, to see what your frame would look like before you order it. EasyFrame has invested in the kit to do this. So wherever you see the symbol below, on their site, you will be able to click in it and get a revolving image that shows you a 360-degree view of the moulding.

360 spin image


Hanging artwork in great frames is important. If you are framing something precious it's always worth going straight to a professional framer like EasyFrame for advice. You could have them either do the entire job or help with part of it (whatever has left you racked by self-doubt!)

EasyFrame can also certainly supply much of what you need to do the job if you contact them. So they will help you to assemble anything from an individual frame to a collection, with picture-hanging hooks and hangers as well as picture mounts and picture frames (and, indeed, lots of paraphernalia that you'd probably not be able to identify let alone recognise even though they use these things every day of the week!)

It is always possible to have EasyFrame send you samples of mouldings or mount colours. These can be ordered online for a small charge to go towards the postage costs.

EasyFrame is on 01234 856 501 and emailable via

Article Posted: 15/11/2019 09:48:41

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