Creating a Centre Piece

A Framed Centre-piece

You’ve heard of feature walls, but what if the thing that draws attention to your feature wall isn’t a snazzy wallpaper or a contrasting colour of paint, but a work of art? It can be tough making a piece of art the focal point of a room. You have to love it a lot and need to love the frame almost as much, if not as much, as the picture itself. But if you have something you’re proud of that you want to draw people’s eyes as soon as they walk into a room, it can be a great starting point for the rest of your décor.

Go Big or Go Home

One obvious way for your art to have that wow factor is for it to be a huge. With it taking up half a wall, or even an entire wall, there’ll be no looking away. Perhaps it can sit above your mantel-piece or maybe it can stand on its own, but with a sprawling landscape or an impressive abstract it’s easy to make a big piece of art the centre of attention. Of course with large art comes large frames and if you need to frame or re-frame something large-scale it’s best to get a custom frame.

The Eye-Catching Frame

If larger-than-life isn’t your sort of thing, the right frame can do wonders for catching the eye, no matter how small and understated the actual artwork is. Your frame could be relatively plain, a solid black or white that contrasts with the wall and draws the eye to whatever it’s framing, whether it’s a black-and-white photo or a brightly coloured painting. On the other hand, an intricately detailed and fancy frame can have a huge impact – both antique or vintage metal frames and something more modern. Different shaped frames are great too. Ovals, circles or other shapes will stand out against rectangular walls, as they don’t fit neatly into straight lines at ninety-degree angles.

Make the Wall Do the Work

Another option is using the space around your artwork (the wall) to draw attention to it. This could be by framing your art on a wall painted in a contrasting colour to the rest of the room, or wallpapered with a distinctive pattern. However, you don’t need your wall to be so drastically different to make a feature of it. Wall stickers, decals or even stencils will jazz up a plain wall and can extend your artwork out of the frame and into the space around it, as can anything else you hang on the wall, from lights to other works of art.
Using a framed piece of art as the focal point of a room might be a drastic move, but if you love it enough to show it off, you should showcase it.

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