How To.. Fit Artwork in Aluminium Frames Instructions and video tutorial to help fit your artwork into an aluminium style picture frame.
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How To.. Fit Artwork in Aluminium Frames

As with fitting artwork into a wooden picture frame, by the time you get to this stage, it is assumed that you have prepared the artwork so that it is ready to be fitted into the frame. You will also need a small flat head screwdriver to slacken off the corner brackets and help release the spring clips. It should be noted that we do not necessarily align all the corners of your aluminium frame when we quickly put it together. You do need to remove at least one length of the moulding to gain access to the contents, and you will need to realign each corner after the artwork has been fitted. When you receive your aluminium frame, please do not be overly concerned if the corners are not correctly aligned as this problem will be resolved when you fit your artwork.

Your aluminium frame will be supplied with the glazing, MDF backing, corner brackets and hanging fixtures. Looking at the back of the frame, you will see a number of silver spring clips that should be partially fitted in the recess between the MDF backing board and the frame. The spring clips can be eased out of position using a screwdriver, but we recommend covering them with your other hand to prevent them springing out and causing injury.

With the spring clips removed you will be able to slacken off two screws from the corner brackets of any length of the moulding. You only need to slacken off the screws slightly, not remove them completely. With two screws undone, you should be able to slide out one length of moulding and gain access to the contents, i.e. the glazing and backing board.

Preparing the Glazing

This post details how best to clean the acrylic glazing in your frame to minimise the static it will generate and reduce the chance of getting any foreign bodies in between the glazing and artwork. If you are not familiar with using acrylic glazing I would recommend reading it before peeling off the film.

Fitting the Artwork

The artwork should be sandwiched between the acrylic and MDF backing, and then slide back into the recess of the aluminium moulding profile. Once in position, the length of moulding you removed earlier can be refitted and the two screws retightened. The spring clips can be put back into the frame recess. You should now check the artwork from the front to make sure everything has been fitted correctly and free from dust particles. If you are happy, you should now check all the corners and adjust their alignment as required. The corners can all be realigned by slackening off the two screws, holding the two lengths of moulding together so that the mitres are aligned correctly, and then retightening the screws.

Fitting the Hanging Fixtures.

Our aluminium picture frames are supplied with hanging brackets that slip directly into the aluminium profile, one on each side and about 1/3rd from top, and secured in position by tightening the screw. The supplied cord is then passed through the two brackets and tied securely.

Check out our video below which show the complete fitting process.

Article Posted: 17/01/2018 14:15:51

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