How To.. Fit A Canvas Into A Frame Instructions and video tutorial of how to fit a stretched canvas into a picture frame.
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How To.. Fit A Canvas Into A Frame

EasyFrame offer a huge range of empty picture frames that can be used to fit stretched canvas pictures.

Special fixing clips, called Z clips, are used to fit a stretched canvas picture or painting into a picture frame where the stretchers are deeper than the picture frame rebate (see the last diagram). These clips are designed to allow some flexibility so different depth stretcher bars can be used in any frame, regardless of the rebate depth. Please remember, it is perfectly normal for a canvas stretcher bar assembly to extend past the depth of the frame.


Before starting, make sure the canvas fits into the back of the frame with a small amount of movement. A small amount of movement is essential as both the wood of the frame and the stretcher bars will contract and expand in changing temperatures. If the canvas is a tight fit inside the frame, you will find the canvas becomes baggy overtime.

You will need to solid, flat and clean surface to work on and we would recommend resting the frame on a blanket when inserting the Z Clips to avoid any damage being caused.

Tools required: a small hammer, flat head screwdriver of similar width to the Z clip and a pair of pliers.


Z Clips hold the canvas in position and prevent it falling out. A rough guide would be one Z Clip every 30cm(12 inches), but this is only a guide. Once you have decided the position of the Z Clips you should make a small starter hole using the small screwdriver.

Inserting The Z Clips

Use the hammer to knock the end of the Z Clip until it is full inserted into the wood. We would recommend getting someone else to firmly hold the frame in position when tapping the Z Clip as you do not want to miss and damage the frame edge. Repeat until all the Z Clips are in position.

Fitting The Canvas

Make sure all of the Z Clips and bent out of the way, and gently place your canvas into the back of the frame. The Z Clips are then bent over the stretcher bars and tapped into the stretcher bar wood, thus holding the canvas in position. Once fitted, you should ensure the canvas is firmly held in place before it is hung on the wall.

Z Clip inserted into frame

Article Posted: 17/01/2018 14:07:36

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