Christmas Gift Ideas from EasyFrame Ho, ho, ho, it' that time of year again! That's right, Christmas is just around the corner, but we all have that one person to buy for every year, don't we? That one person who already seems to have everything? The obvious solution to the problem, of
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Christmas Gift Ideas from EasyFrame

Ho, ho, ho, it's that time of year again! That's right, Christmas is just around the corner, but we all have that one person to buy for every year, don't we? That one person who already seems to have everything? The obvious solution to the problem, of course, is yet another pair of novelty socks, but here at easyFrame we think it's about time we all tried to get a bit more creative in our giving. Fancy joining us? Many of us pride ourselves on being able to 'think outside the box', but what about going a step further and trying to 'think outside the frame'? Picture frames are a whole lot more diverse than they seem, and, believe it or not, they can actually make for amazing Christmas presents. They're certainly better than socks! So why not surprise your friends and family this year with one of these incredible gifts...

Think Unique

Early picture frames were handcrafted from a single piece of wood, with the centre area carefully carved out to allow for a painting to be added. That's some pub quiz material right there... Can you imagine how expensive they were to buy? It's enough to bring anybody out in a cold sweat. It's not surprising, then, that picture frames were usually reserved for highly important works, like Egyptian Mummy portraits. Today, things are a little different. easyFrame offer a huge selection of budget picture frames, which means we can have a bit more fun and get a little more creative in what we put in them. That finger painting that little Maisie bought home from school last week? We bet no one else has a Maisie Original hung above the fireplace. Think unique, and get framing pictures you'd never think to frame. They say that money can't buy happiness, and it's true. We know ourselves that nothing makes us happier than something that's personal to us, and important to us, so why not give your friends and family a personalised, customised, and truly unique Christmas gift? Don't draw the line at finger paintings, how a photo of some treasured family pets, a favourite movie poster, or even a printed poem?

Turn Trash into Treasure

While we're on the subject of using picture frames to highlight images that we'd never have normally thought to frame, let's continue pushing the boundaries a little further. We've discussed framing things like paintings, posters, and printed poems, but how about framing things which aren't flat images? It might sound unusual, but it's completely achievable with the right ideas, and of course the right frame. It's about turning would-be trash into stunning treasures. Your baby's first pair of shoes? Don't throw them out - pop them in a frame and gift them to the doting grandparents for Christmas, as a reminder of just how small the grandkids once were. The key to your first home? It might just be cluttering up a drawer right now, but it's actually a very thoughtful gift for your other half. Your son's 'lucky shirt'? He'd love it hung up in his bedroom. Now, we know what you're thinking! 'How can I shove a shirt inside a picture frame?'. The answer: you can't. Well, not with a traditional picture frame and mount, anyway. But you can with a box frame. Box frames provide more internal space to display larger and bulkier items. 13mm, 18mm, 30mm, and 40mm box frames are popular sizes, but as easyFrame makes all frames to order, we can make whatever you need.

Capture the Moment

Is Aunt Cheryl working out in Australia? Or is Granny enjoying her retirement over in sunny Spain? We all have friends and family who have decided to shun the British weather in favour of sunnier climes (and honestly, who can blame them?), but out of sight doesn't have to mean out of mind. Why not send your loved ones a little piece of home with a group photo showing how your contingent is getting along? At easyFrame, we love professional portraits, but we also think it's a good idea to select the right photographer for the job. To make sure you create a fantastic Christmas gift for your family, choose a photographer who has skills working with a family group. Got kids? Baby photographers know all the tricks in the book to get those little ones smiling. Pets? Well, that one's a little bit trickier, but there are specialists out there. The good news is that capturing the moment is the hard part; framing your family portraits is a piece of cake with easyFrame! No matter what size picture frame you want, we can create what you need, when you need it. We also offer an all-in-one 'print and frame' service, so whether you need a print and frame on paper, a multi aperture print and frame, or a stretched canvas transfer, we've got all bases covered.

Give the Gift of Inspiration

Still stuck for ideas? Some people are just impossible to buy for, right? Wrong! Call us optimists, but we think easyFrame has a solution for everyone, including all those hard-to-buy-for people. If you're running out of ideas and are having trouble thinking of a picture, portrait, painting, or anything else to frame, then why not just give a frame itself? You'd be surprised at just what an empty frame can achieve. The beauty of made-to-order picture frames is that you can create your own frame, tailored to the person you're buying for. From silver and gold to white and black, from 5x4 to 40x30, from canvas floater frames to traditional frames, and everything in between, you can create your frame, your way. easyFrame makes it easy to create a customised and affordable picture frame. What you're giving here isn't just an empty picture frame; it's inspiration. This is your chance to inspire a friend or family member to let their creative juices run free, and create their own artwork to go inside. You could inspire them to try out a new hobby like painting, or learn a new skill like portrait photography. It's the gift that keeps on giving. You never know, you could be responsible for the next Leonardo da Vinci!

Article Posted: 23/04/2018 12:58:10

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