How To.. Fit a Canvas in a Floater Frame Instructions and video tutorial of of how to fit a stretched canvas into a floater frame
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How To.. Fit a Canvas in a Floater Frame

A canvas floater frame is used to house a canvas that has already been stretched around an internal frame. If your canvas is still rolled up you need to get it stretched first, and I would recommend taking it to a local reputable picture framer to get it stretched professionally as specialist tools and skills are required. Floater frames are available in pre defined depths and you should select the depth best suited to the thickness of your canvas.

Holding the canvas in place

Our floater frames are supplied with a very basic velcro system to hold your canvas in place. Supplied with the canvas will be a suitable number of self adhesive velcro hooks and loops, with the exact number being dependant on the size of your floater frame. Whilst trying not to touch the self adhesive, you should peel off one hook and one loop, and attach them together. Once they are attached together, they should be position inside the floater frame. The process should be repeated until you have one set in each corner of the frame, and at regular positions along each side of the frame. At this point you should be able to place your stretched canvas into position and apply a small amount of pressure around the edges so that the exposed self adhesive part of the velcro dots sticks firmly to the canvas.

Positioning the canvas

The velcro hooks and loops should now be securely attached to the floater frame and the stretched canvas, and you should be able to gently remove the canvas so it can be repositioned if necessary.

Step 1

Canvas Framing in a Floater Frame step 1

Peel off one velcro hook and one velcro loop, without touching the sticky side.

Step 2

Canvas Framing in a Floater Frame step 2

Push the two together so the loop and hook connect.

Step 3

Canvas Framing in a Floater Frame step 3

Place the velcro dots into the frame, corners first.

Step 4

Canvas Framing in a Floater Frame step 4

Repeat in each corner and even places around the frame.

Step 5

Canvas Framing in a Floater Frame step 5

Gently place/position the canvas inside the frame.

Step 6

Canvas Framing in a Floater Frame step 6

Gently press so the canvas adheres to the velcro.

Additional security.

If your canvas is large or you have any concerns about it being knocked out of the frame, you can screw directly through the canvas floater frame and into the canvas stretcher bars thus adding a more permanent fitting. Obviously this should be done with caution, ensuring the screw is the correct length as using a screw that is too long would have disastrous consequences!!! Please check out the video below for further information.

Article Posted: 07/06/2018 10:39:34

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