Choosing The Right Picture Frame Since the first photograph was taken in 1822, humanity has been fascinated and obsessed with recording the world as we see it, one shutter click at a time. Major historical events and everyday happenings have been captured on film, each and every one
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Choosing The Right Picture Frame

Since the first photograph was taken in 1822, humanity has been fascinated and obsessed with recording the world as we see it, one shutter click at a time. Major historical events and everyday happenings have been captured on film, each and every one telling its own version of life as we know it. And while many of these images have been lost or discarded as time goes on, quite a few of them have been meticulously collected and displayed for the world to see and enjoy. Nowadays, with the advent of digital cameras, smartphones, and tablets, many of the photographs we capture exist as 1s and 0s all over the internet and on memory cards in desk drawers. However, some of the pictures we take become lovely and interesting centerpieces on walls, desks, and tables in our homes, offices, and galleries. These pictures are often simply pinned or taped up. But others are carefully wrapped in glass and wood, preserving the image within for years to come. Since the early days of photography, the simple picture frame has been a necessary complement and functional accessory for the images and photographs we have come to cherish.

Why Your Beloved Photographs Need A Picture Frame

A picture frame is a relatively simple concept. The idea behind a picture frame is to showcase your photograph, painting, or image to draw the viewer's eyes toward the subject. At the same time, a picture frame is meant to compliment the world around it. Oftentimes, a picture frame can actually enhance the photograph itself, acting like a sort of decorative boundary that helps to bring a picture to life. In addition to the beauty and elegance of a well crafted picture frame, there are also functional aspects that cannot be discounted. A picture frame protects your photographs and paintings by shielding them from tears, wrinkles, bends, and creases. Coupled with a transparent covering made of glass or plastic, a picture frame will protect your images from the rigors of life and the passage of time. Picture frames also allow for the hanging of the photograph or painting on a wall to to be propped up on a surface for all the world to see. A picture frame is essentially a literal extension of your photograph that enhances and protects. And that's why we at EasyFrame are in the picture frame business. We understand the importance of your photographs, pictures, drawings, and paintings. And we are committed to providing the best custom picture frames available online at an affordable price. Whether you need a simple black picture frame or a highly detailed gold trimmed picture frame, EasyFrame can make your dream a reality.

Choosing The Right Picture Frame For Your Unique Needs

Custom Frames

EasyFrame is known for high quality and precision made picture frames. A custom picture frame is the perfect way to showcase your valuable and unique photographs and pictures. We offer a very large variety of colours, styles, and finishes, each one created to your exacting standards.

Wood Picture Frame

Ordering a custom picture frame is extremely easy. You select what size you wish depending on metric or imperial measurements and A sizes. Then, select you select the colour of your picture frame, which include: Next, you select the width of your frame from 10mm to over 60mm. After that, you can select what rebate depth (how deep into the picture frame you need your picture to set i.e. if you plan to add matting, it needs to be a little deeper). Finally, you select what type of profile you want your picture frame to have. The profile choices include:

Metal Picture Frame

If a wood picture frame isn't your style, we also offer many metal options that will perfectly complement an office or other professional setting. A metal picture frame is highly durable, attractive, and will last a lifetime when properly cared for. Metal picture frames are available in many of the same sizes as their wood counterparts. As for colours, they are available in almost all of the colour options our wood frames are available in as well as beautiful French Lilac, exotic Desert Rose, and rustic Sand Dune Beige.

Additional Picture Frame Styles

Canvas Picture Frame

EasyFrame also sells a canvas picture frame that is uniquely designed for displaying oil paintings and canvas prints. They are supplied without glazing, MDF backings, or flexible tabs, however. Because of this, a canvas picture frame is lower cost and are an affordable way to frame your precious paintings. Your painting canvas will typically extend out of the back of the canvas picture frame, and this is normal. Hanging fixtures and Canvas Z Clips are supplied with all canvas picture frames to aid in the hanging of your art.

Box Picture Frame

A box picture frame are used to display items that are typically thicker than a picture, painting, or photograph. For example, football jerseys, flags, military decorations and other items are ideal candidates for a box picture frame. Depending on the size of the item, more depth may be required.

Swept and Decorative Picture Frame

EasyFrame stocks an enormous variety of high quality decorative picture frames that elegantly add character and depth to your pictures, paintings, and photographs. A swept picture frame goes beyond simplicity and truly showcases your individual and unique style. Our large inventory of options include just about any style imaginable to fit your personal taste. Our swept frames are highly detailed and available in a large variety of colours including gold, silver, ivory, walnut, white, and bronze. They are available in sizes from 5" x 4" to 40" x 30". These are the kinds of picture frames that are meant to compliment beautiful dining rooms, concert halls, universities, and more.
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