How To Order Custom Picture Frames Custom picture frames are an often-overlooked tool in your home decor arsenal. At easyFrame know how frustrating it can be to put so much effort into cultivating a certain style and feel for the rooms of your home, only to feel that there is somethin
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How To Order Custom Picture Frames

Everything you need to know about ordering picture frames

Custom picture frames are an often-overlooked tool in your home decor arsenal. At EasyFrame know how frustrating it can be to put so much effort into cultivating a certain style and feel for the rooms of your home, only to feel that there is something missing. It's hard to put your finger on it, is it the rug? Is it the coffee table? There are so very many things to consider that Custom picture frames are often overlooked.

Custom picture frames are that small thing that can make all the difference in the overall look of your room. That subtle touch that polishes off a room is often as simple as adding an elegant piece of wall art or two with fantastic custom picture frames. We at EasyFrame want to make it as simple as possible to add your own personal style and flare to your carefully chosen wall art and well-loved photographs. With our many convenient features and array of choices we think we have done just that.

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What do I need to know to order custom picture frames from EasyFrame?

While ordering from EasyFrame is simple and straightforward, there are certainly things that you are going to want to know beforehand. This will make sorting through the wide variety of quality frames offered that much easier.

Frame Material

First off, knowing what you want your frame to be made of can save you loads of time. For instance, do you want your custom picture frames to be made from metal or wood? This can narrow your search down considerably. Both are great options, you will just need to consider what look you are trying for. If you are designing towards a warm and inviting room, wood may be the direction you want to go. Although, while wood can give you a warmer look than most metals, simply changing the colour of the wood can give it a cooler tone. On the other hand, gold custom picture frames would work wonderfully in a warmly toned room. A factor in deciding what material to go with should be the item you are framing. Certain pictures and pieces of wall art look their best in either a metal frame or a wood frame. Standing back and taking an objective look at your piece should give you an idea which it will look its best in. Now that you have decided between wood and metal you should know what your options are in either.

Options for wooden frames:

Options for metal frames:

Picture Frame Colour

Along with material, colour is a very important choice you must make when shopping for custom picture frames, the shade of your frame must be something that complements your cherished piece. There is a vast array of colours to choose from here at EasyFrame. Some of our metal hues are desert rose, French lilac, sand dune beige, brushed bronze, pewter, cognac, and many many more.

There are absolutely classic colours, that go with just about everything. You can hardly go wrong with a black or grey frame, or something from our collection of white custom picture frames. Everything from a crisp bright white, to a cream, or ivory, these white frames are a classic way to highlight your treasured pictures and works of art.


The beauty of Custom picture frames is the word "custom". The ability to pick and choose what best fits your style and budget and still come out with a striking frame that looks like it was made for you is a thing of beauty. Because it was made for you. If you want a clean modern look you may want to consider a simple square frame in a silver leaf. If you want something a little more elegant and ornate, a mahogany stained bevelled and beaded number with gold along the edges might be right for you. The combinations are almost endless limited only by your imagination.


After you have decided on what material you want, what colour, what style, the last step before placing your order is to decide what size you need. We can do completely custom sizes, but we also have some standard options to choose from. There are a few things to keep in mind when entering your size requirements. First, make sure that you are using the correct system of measurement. Either metric, or imperial. Second remember that every frame has a lip/rebate that will overlap the artwork by approximately 5-10 millimeters on each side. This simply ensures that it does not fall out of the frame. If you need the edges of your piece to be visible, we recommend a frame/mount combination. A mount only needs an overlap of 2mm on each edge as compared to the 5-10 without a mount.

Measuring tips

Even though we have tried to make ordering custom picture frames as easy as possible here at EasyFrame, it can still be a bit of a tricky thing when doing it in person. Here are a few helpful hints when measuring your artwork or picture for a custom frame.

We know the impact a beautifully crafted custom picture frame can have on the style, look, and feel of a room. They are well worth the investment, and can turn a beautiful piece of art into a breathtaking statement piece that can be handed down from generation to generation. Take a look, and see what stylish combinations you can come up with.

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