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Getting Started

A photograph is essentially a unique memory locked in time. It allows us to relive our most important and special moments with a single glance and tells our story to our loved ones long after we are gone. To make them complete, you need a photo frame as well. A well-selected frame can provide layers upon layers of aesthetics to the photo in question and provide more prominence to it. The frame isn’t just a protective cover after all. If chosen with the room’s décor and colour palette in mind, it can enhance the overall ambience and display a part of your personality on the wall.

At, we want you to have the ability to customize high-quality frames exactly the way you want them to be. It is very important for us that you get to choose the size, style and material you want when displaying your photographs. It is important to note that custom frames, unfortunately, cannot be refunded as they are made to fit very specific requirements. Therefore, we request you to always go through the instructions carefully before ordering a frame.

Understand Sizing

Measuring the right size can be an easy task as long as you follow the right instructions. Whenever you order from us, you need to fill the “Artwork Size” so that we get the required information to start creating your frame. The artwork size will always be the size of the item after it has been prepared for framing.

Full Picture or Cropped - If you want the entire picture to be framed, you can measure both the full width and height to get the proper measurements. You would include in these measurements any existing border you want visible. If you want to crop your picture so only part of the image is seen or you don't want any existing border, then you need to mark and measure only the required area.

Whether purchasing just a frame or a frame/mount combination, the advise is the same. Measure what you want to see and enter those measurements as your artwork size.

If you are unsure please call us on 01234 856501, email us on or view our online measuring advice.

Types of Mounts

A mount is essentially the area that surrounds your picture in a frame. Mounts don’t come with every frame and is an optional feature that helps to provide a unique aesthetic value. It’s mostly used to improve the spatial design within the frame and bring more focus to your picture.

When it comes to mounts, you can either go for a single mount or a double mount. The latter allows you to choose different colours for both mounts and create an interesting visual contrast for your picture.

You also have the option to change the width of the mount. Generally, equal mount widths are used but if your picture requires varying widths, you can do so by unchecking the “equal borders” option.

When it comes to sizing, we automatically cut the mount opening smaller (4mm) than the size entered so that the mount will end up overlapping the image. However, if you have a specific size in mind for the mount, you can override the default option by selecting the 'Exact Size' option.

Choosing the Frame

We offer a vast selection of up to 500 different styles when it comes to frames. If you like any particular option, you just have to click on it to see its price. To ensure that different types of frames are accessible to everyone, we have priced every frame differently. It is important to note that some mouldings won’t be suitable for all frames as they have a limit when it comes to their size. To solve this issue, any unsuitable moulding will be removed when you enter a particular size.

If you ever need to see the exact specifications, all you have to do is click on the “I” icon and all the necessary details will be listed. When it comes to the moulding rebate, it is important to note that they will be overlapping over the artwork, glazing and the back. This is done to ensure that your image won’t just fall out from the frame. The amount of overlap will vary but it is generally around 5mm. So if you are unsure about the exact dimensions, you can make use of our “Order Sample” option and get a sample delivered to your doorstep. There will be a small cost to use this option but that is only to cover our shipping expenses.


Glazing is the protective layer in front of your artwork and seen at the front of the frame. We provide four different options when it comes to glazing. They are:

1) 1.8mm Clear Acrylic – Clearer than standard glass whilst also offering some UV protection.

2) 2 mm Anti Reflective UV100 Plexiglas – This one offers high break resistance and comes with a diffused finish. Therefore, it won’t be as clear as the acrylic option but it will be able to prevent glare more efficiently.

3) 3mm Clear UV100 Plexiglas – It will be clearer than the Anti Reflective Plexiglas option and comes with 50 percent extra thickness when compared to acrylic. This option is ideal for high-value artworks as it protects from damage caused by UV light.

4) No Glazing Option – If you don’t want any glazing in your frame, you can choose not to have it. This is more relevant when it comes to framing different types of paintings such as oil painting on canvas or board.


Whenever you order a frame from us, we will provide additional items that allow you to fit the picture into the frame as well as the necessary accessories to hang it. While this will be useful for the majority of frames, in some cases you might need additional items.

We offer these items if you have any such requirements, but you have to ensure that the frame style you have selected is compatible with the accessories you have selected. Therefore, we request you to always make sure that you choose the right type of frame style based on the type of picture you want to frame.

Reviewing Your Order

Ordering the wrong frame can be quite disappointing, not to mention losing out on time and money. Whenever you select any of our products, you will be able to review your full order before you make the purchase. Here you will be able to see the frame style, size of the frame, chosen image size, mount colour border width, glazing and accessories you have selected. At this stage, you can double-check and make sure that everything is in order. If some items were wrongly selected, you can go back and choose the right one. If everything seems to be in order, you can go ahead and wait for the product to be delivered.

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