Why Buy Your Picture Frames From EasyFrame?

Picture frames from EasyFrame are the perfect solution when you need to preserve and display the photographs and images you hold dear. No matter what you need, EasyFrame has numerous picture frames that will compliment your style, liven up your living space, and enhance the photographs or images you want to display. All of our picture frames are built to last. And best of all, our picture frames can easily be designed to your exacting specifications. Zanart Gallery and Framing is a Bedfordshire based custom picture frame manufacturing company that specializes in creating beautiful and elegant frames for your pictures, paintings, and photographs for over 25 years. Our Bedford workshop employs the finest picture frame craftsmen and craftswomen in the United Kingdom, all with a single purpose - to create the best and most affordable picture frames in the industry. We pride ourselves in being able to bring the best knowledge and experience under one roof to ultimately create and market beautiful and timeless picture frames that anybody would be proud to hang on their walls. Zanart also has a picture frame retail shop in Kettering that has been in business for over 20 years. And just like our Bedford facility, you can expect the exact same dedication to quality and service. In addition to picture frames, EasyFrame also supplies picture frame mounting hardware, display boxes, and canvas frames specifically designed for paintings and other art. EasyFrame also supplies real glass or acrylic glass with most picture frames, depending on the needs of the customer. From simple to elaborate, our picture frames are among the best investments a photographer or art collector can make. Each and every picture frame is hand crafted and carefully packed to delivery anywhere in the UK. All of our picture frames are sure to look great and be free from defects. Contact EasyFrame should you have any questions or are ready to place an order.

Custom Picture Frames

The hallmark of our services are our custom picture frames. Because we know that our customers demand only the best and have distinct tastes, our custom picture frames are the perfect solution for your picture framing needs. EasyFrame offers literally tens of thousands of different size, colour, style, and material combinations to choose from. And each one of our custom picture frames are handcrafted by expert craftsmen and craftswomen to your exacting specifications.

Custom Wood Picture Frames

Wood picture frames are among the most common picture frames purchased because wood can be shaped and cut into just about any size, width, and depth a customer could want. Add in a multitude of colour options and you can end up with a truly unique and elegant result. Our wood picture frames are available in just about any size you could want, upto machine and courier size limitations. Choose from standard A sizes (A0-A6), metric sizes (24cm x 30cm to 60cm x 80cm), or imperial sizes (5" x 3.5" to 48" x 36"), or let us know if you need a custom size built. Our wood picture frames are available in any of the following colours:
  • Black/Grey
  • Dark Wood
  • Bronze/Copper
  • Light Wood
  • White
  • Silver/Pewter
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Cream/Yellow/Ivory
  • Red/Orange/Pink
  • Blue/Purple
  • Barefaced
If you need a custom colour, call us and we'Ã'll be happy to check with any custom colours that may be available. Custom wood picture frames are also available in a wide array of widths (the actual width of the material the frame is constructed of) from 12mm all the way up to 60mm. Rebate depth (how deep into the frame the glass and photo rests) is also available from 10mm to 40mm. Depending on whether or not you are adding a mount, rebate width will need to be known prior to construction. When it comes to the profile of our custom wood picture frames, we offer many different styles depending on the needs of the customer. These include:
  • Beveled - a slightly (toward the picture) angled cut that smooths out the appearance of the frame
  • Cushion - rounded edges that soften the appearance of the frame
  • Flat - sharp angles that make give the frame an aggressive yet conservative appearance
  • Hockey - a multi-tiered and elegant cut presents a more traditional appearance
  • Reverse - a slightly (away from picture) angled cut that smooths out the appearance of the frame
  • Scoop - the edged of the frame are slightly raised creating a depression in the middle
  • Spoon - the opposite of the scoop style where the center of the frame is raised above the edges

Custom Metal Picture Frames

Metal picture frames present a more modern look and feel that are appropriate for office and professional settings. Metal picture frames are highly durable and are resistant to warping, especially in humid or damp conditions. These picture frames are available in all of the same colours as our wood picture frames are and include a few additional colours such as exotic Desert Rose, elegant French Lilac, and rustic Sand Dune Beige. Use the ÃFrame Designerà button on an individual product to see all colour options available. Custom metal picture frames are available in just about any size you desire including all 'A' sizes, metric, and imperial. Widths available range from 10mm to 39mm. Profiles available include cushion, flat, and hockey.

Additional Picture Frames

Swept Picture Frames

For something truly elegant and breathtaking, swept and decorative picture frames are the ultimate showcase for your truly beautiful pictures and paintings. These picture frames feature delicate and intricate designs from subtle lace-like trim to magnificent colours and bold shapes and angles. Words alone cannot describe the sheer beauty that these picture frames offer.

Canvas Picture Frames and Box Frames

Canvas picture frames are designed specifically for presenting oil paintings and other artwork in a simple yet beautiful fashion. These picture frames are sold without glazing, MDF backing, or flexible tabs. Box frames are designed to display things such as flags, sports jerseys, and other typically thicker items worth showing off. Box frames are sold in a variety of widths that can be custom ordered depending on the size of the item being displayed.
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