Custom Made 28mm Brittany Green Box Picture Frame.

28mm Brittany Green Box Frame
28mm Brittany Green Box Frame
28mm Brittany Green Box Frame

A 28mm wide ridged cushion profile, with a total depth of 53mm and a 30mm internal spacer between the glazing and backing.. Distressed/worn finish with a predominately green stain. Each box frame is supplied with clear acrylic glazing and MDF backing board. If required, you may select a coloured piece of mount card by clicking a colour on the chart below. The frame size relates to the size of the MDF backing inside the frame which will sit on top of the internal spacer.

Box Display Frame: 261mm x 261mm

£ 46.98 Exc VAT

10% Off 3-9 items @ £ 42.28 Exc VAT, 20% Off 10-19 items @ £ 37.58 Exc VAT, 30% Off 20+ items @ £ 32.89 Exc VAT

The glazing will be spaced away from the backing by 30mm using a permanently fixed matching spacer.

  • Product Code: 454304BOX
  • Width: 28mm
  • Colour(s): Green
  • Rebate Depth: 40mm
  • Material Type: Wood
  • Finish: Distressed Stain
  • Profile: Ridged Cushion
  • Total Depth: 53mm
  • Order a Sample.
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