Custom Made 44mm Black Paint Canvas Floater Frame

44mm Black Paint
44mm Black Paint
44mm Black Paint
44mm Black Paint Canvas Floater Frame with an internal depth of 44mm.
Check out our How-to video for further details of canvas floater frames.

Floater Frame To Take Maximum Canvas Size
261mm x 261mm

£ 20.88 Exc VAT

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Canvas Floater Frames are suitable for stretched canvas pictures, and do not include any glazing or backing board. The frame will be supplied with a velcro based system to secure your canvas in position and suitable hanging fixtures for the back of the frame. We will manufacture the opening size of your canvas floater frame to the size you enter plus a few millimetre allowance. If you would like a gap larger than 1-2mm between the frame and your canvas picture, it is important to increase the size you enter by the desired amount. Our recommendation would be to measure your canvas picture and add 10-20mm to each dimension. This will allow suitable movement, and space the canvas away from the edge so it appears to float. This frame has a internal depth of 44mm, and is suitable for stretched canvas pictures close to this depth.

  • Product Code: 513167000
  • Width: 44mm
  • Colour(s): Black
  • Internal Depth: 44mm
  • Material Type: Wood
  • Finish: Paint
  • Profile: Canvas Box
  • Total Depth: 51mm
  • Order a Sample.

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