Canvas Floater Frames, Create the floating effect for your canvas Canvas Floater Frames, Create the floating effect for your canvas Buy canvas floater frames from the UK's favourite picture framer. Available to accommodate 2 different depth stretched canvas pictures and in a range of modern colours and styles.
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Canvas Floater Frames

Canvas floater frames give the illusion the canvas you place in the frame is floating in the distinctive space within the frame. These frames are usually used if you want to display a gallery wrap canvas since the edge of the painting or the canvas print does not get covered, and displays the entirety of the canvas leaving nothing to the imagination.
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Measuring Advice
All frames are now being displayed with pricing to fit artwork size 260mm x 260mm.
Price shown includes Clear Acrylic Glazing, MDF Backing Board and Hanging Fixtures.
10mm Black Stain
10mm Mahogany Stain
13mm Black Paint
15mm White Paint
15mm Barefaced
13mm Black/Orange Float
13mm Silver Float Frame
13mm Light Gold Float Frame
35mm White Paint
35mm Wenge Paint
44mm Black Stain
9mm Maple Veneer Floater
9mm Oak Veneer Floater
15mm Black/Orange Float Frame
15mm Silver Foil Float Frame
15mm Light Gold Canvas Floater Frame
53mm White Stain Float
53mm Black Stain Float
32mm Ivory Canvas Floater Frame
32mm Black Canvas Floater Frame
9mm Walnut Veneer Floater
9mm Wenge Veneer Floater
39mm Komodo Red
39mm Komodo Black

Information about our Canvas Floater Frames

We will manufacture the opening size of your canvas floater frame to the size you enter plus a few millimetre allowance. If you would like a gap larger than 1-2mm between the frame and your canvas picture it is important to increase the size you enter by the desired amount. Our recommendation would be to measure your canvas picture and add 10-20mm to each dimension. This will allow suitable movement and space the canvas away from the edge so it appears to float.
You should also note the internal depth of the canvas floater frame which is detailed within the product description, and ensure this is suitable for the thickness of your canvas. It is perfectly normal for the thickness of your canvas to be slightly more or less than the internal depth of the frame.
When measuring your canvas it is important to not presume that it will be square. Measure each outer edge of the stretched canvas, i.e. top, bottom, left and right, and use the larger of the two measurements(if there is a difference) when calculating the size you enter into our website.

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