Picture This, Why Don't You? The world and his dog like to frame posters, photos and fine art. But such traditional domestic adornments are not everyone?s cup-of-tea. Many of us prefer, instead, to give wall-space to treasured items that elicit vastly more personal appeal.
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Picture This, Why Don't You?

What This Article is About

The world and his dog like to frame posters, photos and fine art. But such traditional domestic adornments are not everyone's cup-of-tea. Many of us prefer, instead, to give wall-space to treasured items that elicit vastly more personal appeal. This article provides an insight into the fascinating and immense array of unusual objects that picture-framers EasyFrame have been asked, over the years, to encapsulate for posterity.

Picture of framed claw hammer
So we understand why it's there. What we don't know is how its owner will break the glass in an emergency.

Whatever Rocks Your Boat

The engraved hammer above is a perfect example to illustrate what we're saying. Forget great art. Sometimes what's really important, what engages us on an emotional level, is far from it. The engraving on this hammer, a gift from a son to his father, says simply: 'Thank you for being the greatest Teacher I've ever had and for making me the Man I am today'.

But what rocks your boat might still be popular culture. EasyFrame has created custom frames to fit scores of collector's items that don't necessarily fit standard frame sizes (recently for a customer who had some great 'Avengers' artwork).

Debbie Harry and Roger Rabbit Posters
Artwork featuring pop stars we've met and films we've seen have an enduring appeal - and not just to teenagers!

As you'll also gather we've celebrated the obsessions that aficionados have with everything from Wallace and Gromit to wands and Gellert Grindelwald (please don't ask!)

Hogwarts Framed picture
Need a reminder of your trip 'twixt King's Cross Station platform 9? and Hogsmeade Station or a trip to buy cheese?

Mapping a Life

Made-to-measure frames can set off, to their best advantage, mementoes of key moments in lives well-spent, snapshots that celebrate milestones that shouldn't be consigned to a seldom-seen photo-album. All you need to do is decide what you wish to conserve, figure out whether you want canvas frames, metal picture frames or whatever, determine any further specifications, and leave the job to professionals - or have a good framer supply all you need. (We're talking about custom mounts, custom photo frames and more.)

Mapping A Life through pictures
Customised framings can celebrate a beginning, a middle and an end. Here are examples we've framed that show we can cope with everything from baby-shoes to horseshoes. The item in the centre is an amazing handprint in glass!

Float Like a Butterfly or Sting Like a Bee

Researching this article I was struck by the breadth of human interests and activities that the archives demonstrate. For example there was somebody who had collected and had framed literally hundreds of bowling-club buttons. And there are customers who spend their time outside chasing butterflies with nets through Peruvian tropical forests whilst, in stark contrast, their counterparts who prefer to attend no-holds-barred martial-arts bouts. Yes I'm aware that both pursuits involve brutality. But, from the framer's perspective, both also require dexterity with mounts and made-to-measure picture frames.

frame butterfly and boxing glove

The right mounts and frames let exhibits float like butterflies and sting like bees. The glove belonged to former Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight and lightweight champion Conor McGregor. The butterfly is labelled as 'Prepona' which is a genus, but the author is unsure if it is of the species praeneste, laertes, deiphile, dexamenus, pheridamas, pylene or werneri. Indeed the owner may not know. But readers might put us all out of our misery. Answers on a postcard please. But, in any case, it's not threatened. Otherwise we'd never have touched the job.

A Source of Real Pride

Amongst many hundreds of custom framings I found, as I guess one should expect, that military careers and courage were frequently commemorated and proudly portrayed using what we'd call multi-aperture frames.

Framed Real Pride items
Military mementoes lend themselves to multi-aperture frames like these.


Viewing evidence of so many obsessions makes one ponder who was responsible for some of the framings. In particular one must wonder if a woman would want to showcase a Talbot radiator cap or feel that a couple of Formula 1 wheel-nuts were exactly what she needed above the mantelpiece or behind the chintzy curtains. Were these pieces destined to grace bachelor apartments or were wives simply indulging their husbands? I guess we'll never know.

Framed car parts
Cars can be an obsession. But a Talbot? Yet which woman has never wanted to frame her guys' nuts?

That said, EasyFrame has executed plenty of framing jobs that reflect domestic harmony. These have included the most intricate filigree laser-cut romantic art as well as sugar flowers that are surely too beautiful to eat and which must, in all likelihood, have formerly adorned a wedding-cake.

Framed Floral Art
Some custom framings reflect immense skill and artistic flair.

Far from Fragile

Some of the custom picture frames that EasyFrame has assembled have displayed contents that are equally artistic, which again reflect domestic bliss and family life, yet they are far-from-fragile. The extra-large 'Scrabble'-type tiles below, graphically illustrating how a family are joined at the hip, is one example. The 'patchwork clock' is another.

Framed Scrabbled letters
Equally-inventive and far-from-fragile, these creations are high-impact and unique yet eminently affordable.

Making a House into a Home

What all of this creativity tells us is that people want to put their own stamp on a property and transform it into a home. They want to decorate it with artefacts that reaffirm lives, conversation-pieces that tell visitors 'this is me; this is who I am'.

Framed indian pictures
These are both obviously Indian, with the piece on the right being a kindly blessing to visitors.

These last two examples, above, typify what custom framing is all about. One can be thousands of miles from one's heritage, beliefs, ancestors and historic culture. Yet there on one's wall one can have a perpetual reminder that one's home is wherever one lays one's hat. And that one should share the blessing one has, in simply having a home and the means to adorn it, with visitors.


If you're interested in framing anything a little unusual for your home or workplace, whether you're thinking of doing it yourself or putting the job in the hands of experts, then ask EasyFrame. They have the skills and materials, and will work with you or for you to create the masterpiece you want. They're on 01234 856 501 and / or sales@easyframe.co.uk - and they'll always chat even if you don't want to buy!

Article Posted: 05/09/2018 09:31:10

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