Give Your Home a French Touch with Our Brittany Range

When it’s cold, wet and blustery outside you want your home to feel as comfortable and welcoming as possible. Even when summer arrives, a warm touch to your décor helps to build on your already sunny feelings, or cheer you up when the season isn’t going quite the way you would like it to. easyFrame’s Brittany picture frames are just the thing to add a stylish, vintage element to your home, and something of a je ne sais quoi.

French Inspired
The designs are inspired by the coastal town of Brittany, in northern France. Though it isn’t the Mediterranean paradise of some of the more southern parts of the country, the town has a charming feel and is often called Little Britain. The region’s worn brick houses, cottages and farmhouses have a beautifully French feel and a weather-beaten look, which have been emulated in our frames.
The Brittany frames aren’t all about giving your home the exotic flavour of somewhere scorching hot; instead they provide a homely touch, which at the same time evokes a holiday feeling. The ability to make you seem as if you’re both at home and away is a special one and the range manages it with its rustic, coastal feel and natural, layered finishes.

Seaside Vintage
These wooden picture frames come in a choice of black, ivory, red or green.
These might sound like bright, starkly contrasting colours, but the distressed look of the collection means they’re subtle, almost pastel hues. Vintage is in this year (when isn’t it?) and the chipped paint and worn finish certainly give a trendy sense of an antique treasure discovered while rummaging through a bric-a-brac stall. There’s no need to have ever been to France to recognise their sun-and-wind-worn seaside look.

What to Frame?
What better to match with a French-inspired frame than French art? Whether it’s a print of one of the greats, from Monet to Renoir or a modern masterpiece. Since the frames are inspired by a coastal town, their found-wood appearance matches nicely with a stormy seascape, or a more relaxing beach scene. A black-and-white photo would look great with an ivory or black frame, as well as against the contrast of a coloured red or green one. Or go with the vintage theme and use a Brittany frame to compliment that quirky Victorian portrait you found and match the other vintage pieces in your bedroom or living space.
For such simple designs, these frames have a whole lot of character. One look at them and they say so much, from their hints at a long history and perhaps an intriguing story, to their undeniable call of the seaside. They’re sure to make for a notable piece of art.

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